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  1. Hi, Yes it is possible and it isn't linked to the plugin. In PlatformWheel4FiltersView.xaml, the top left information is described in this section of the code: You can update the xaml file by moving it (and editing it to your liking) as shown below. Note that you must include it in a new grid definition as in the code below. The result (I kept my original positioning as I don't intend displaying this information as you did) : For the date format, it is possible as well, and I will "fix" this with next release (as well as the release dates in game view
  2. Hi, The problem with the ZDistance, I suspect it comes from the OrthographicCamera you are using. If I am correct, perspective are not rendered with this kind of camera, thus rendering Z (if Z indicates coordinates in the Z plane that is) information useless. For the star rating, I am using following code: <!-- COMMUNITY OR USER STARS (Stars Color) --> <Grid rs:GridHelper.GridColumns="2*,5*"> <Image Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=Stars}" DockPanel.Dock="Left" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="H
  3. Well you will see animations with a delay then ^^ But if it is okay with you then yes it will definitly help. You can also check the file "Launchbox\Themes\DarkRoom\Views\Styles\StaticStyles.xaml" that contains definitions of bindings for "MarqueeStyle" and "FrontBoxStyle" which both are set to "SelectedGame" instead of "ActiveGame" Also as a side note, I changed something to the pluggin that should make things better, but not to the point of being as "smooth" as textgameview. I did implement a cash system some month ago, to check if things were better, and yes it was freeking q
  4. Not yet, however, I have now tied the speed of background sliding to the speed configured by the user in the BB options (it is called wheel speed in the options I think). In next release though. Huummm ... maybe I am misunderstanding something, but the whole point of this theme is to display fanart backgrounds with a "video game room' on old tvs depending on the console generation. I think you may have more luck trying other themes, as some of them definitly have "only" fullscreens gameplay videos as gameviews
  5. Hi, Yes, but as I already told to @zombiesruuun, it is not on the top of the (big) list of things that remains to do. Well, I know it has some performance issues, in particular the wheel view, (text game view seems pretty ok). I don't know if there is anything I can do to make it faster though
  6. Hello, that's a weird error. From the picture you sent me in private, it seems Big Box tries to find resources in the wrong folder: It tries to find theme resources in "/Launchbox/Core/Themes/DarkRoom" while it should look for them in "/Launchbox/Themes/DarkRoom". I' am currently using last official version available of Big Box, so should you Do you have the same problem with other themes? The error is linked to a "relative" path defined in the xaml files, so it should be a pretty standard thing among themes. I have no idea of what could be causing this.
  7. ************************************************************************** Update available in the download section ("DarkRoom.zip") ************************************************************************** Hi all. Please note that for it to work correctly, you will have to delete the following folders from the theme before updating: - Themes\DarkRoom\Images\Theme - Themes\DarkRoom\Views - In addition to the systems already mentionned previously, added Game Views for Arcade Cave, Interton VC-4000, Philips CDi, NEC TurboGrafx-CD and NEC PC-FX platforms.
  8. Yes. It is the same animation as the one for the marquees for arcade
  9. Very unlikely, as I didn't save system backgrounds in their "original" lighting (same thing for tv screens or cabs). So the left part of the theme will never change. Sorry ^^ Now if you are talking about the black overlays that appears on the right of the theme, they are removable (they are either png overlays or xaml black gradiants), but I won't make a "special" version for that. It's dark on purpose as I usually don't like shiny or saturated visuals + it's done to highlight fanarts and videos
  10. Ok thanx a lot I will try that ^^ Edit: the IGameLaunchingPlugin didn't help: my pluggin only overrides video management, not game launching. As a consequence, when I tried to implement your interface, the callbacks (something like beforeGameStart, AfterGameStart and onGameClosed) where never called. However, adding custom events to Application.Current.Deactivated and Application.Current.Activated event handlers solved my problem, and I was able to be notified when BB main window wasn't "active"
  11. Thanks for the reply. But yes I know the plugin is the one I developped Its using WMP (not VLC) cause I was planing to use shaders (it's done now and will be released next week). However indeed it doesn't pause because of what you said. Is there an event/callback or something like that (BB state or whatever) in the BB librairies/modules that can tell me (or that I can read from) BB main Window state? The plugin I developped inherits "UserControl" and "IBigBoxThemeElementPlugin", but I don't think there is anything usefull here
  12. Hi, I checked it and yes I have the same problem. It also happens when you 'alt tab' to another application, and Big Box videos continue playing with my Theme, but not with others. Probably something to deal with window focus management or foreground state. I will work on it, and try to fix this before next BB version update. Thanx for the feedback.
  13. Indeed it is the plugin. I didn't find any way to do it in xaml (I mean the slide in the sens of the browsing) However it is possible to do it in xaml if you only care about the slide (only one direction though). CMOSS did it in its CoinOps Redux theme.
  14. For Wonderswan and WonderSwan Color, PC Engine SuperGrafx, and Panasonic 3do, just rename fanart and clear logo files (\Themes\DarkRoom\Images\Platforms\Fanart and \Themes\DarkRoom\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo), as well as the Nec Supergrafx.xaml to PC Engine SuperGrafx.xaml, and Panasonic 3do.xaml to 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.xaml Wonderswan systems don't have configuration file yet, but when I create them I will take care naming them correctly ^^ This issue comes from me renaming systems so that they match RocketLauncher AHK scripts, but never mind that That should fix all
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