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  1. I sent a message in private to @LuxzordMaster for more information and gave some advice/tests but he didn't answer (yet?): " Hi, I checked your post and the error message. Unfortunately, it is a standard "useless" message that just says that the plugin failed to create the fanart sliding control, but not why. It is a pretty simple control, so it is a little bit surprising to me that it crashes there. First of all, could you try to edit the "Launchbox\Themes\DarkRoom\Views\PlatformWheel4FiltersView.xaml" file the following way (I have highlighted the things you have to change): <!-- BACKGROUND --> <TextBlock x:Name="DefaultPltfFanart" Visibility="Collapsed" Text="{Binding ActivePlatform.BackgroundImagePath, TargetNullValue='LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/DarkRoom/Images/Theme/Layout/DefaultPltfView.jpg', IsAsync=true}" /> <rs:ImageSliderControl Grid.Row="0" Grid.RowSpan="3" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" Offset="{Binding Source={StaticResource BackgroundXOffset}, Converter={StaticResource DimensionW3840Converter}}" SpeedUpWhenHold="false" Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=DefaultPltfFanart, IsAsync=true, Mode=OneWay}"> <rs:ImageSliderControl.ImageManager> <rsm:PltfImageManager CashEnabled="false" Quality="85" ProcessorCount="4" CashLimit="500"/> </rs:ImageSliderControl.ImageManager> </rs:ImageSliderControl> <Rectangle x:Name="PltfBackgroundShadow" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Fill="Black" Opacity="0.0" /> If it prevents the crash, that means that you can't use the plugin's cash manager for whatever reason. Also: - what processor do you have (and how many cores)? - did you try another theme? - what is the default view when browsing platforms? "Platform Categories" or "Platforms"? - could you send me a zip of your "Launchbox\Data", so that I can check if the problem has something to do with your systems collection? Thanx. "
  2. Hi, Yes it is exactly what you have to do to add specific cabs. Just as a side note, you shouldn't do what you are doing because at some point I will add these kind of cabinets, so your work will be wasted. (But if you are that impatient, then yes this is the way to go ^^)
  3. That should work I tested it and it works: The .mp4 file must be put here: If you did that correctly, then maybe: - the platform is not the Sony Playstation (or whatever). Do you have sub-playlist or categories for, your platforms (like Sony Playstation - All Games)? The video to use is binded to the platform nested name: Priority1FileName="{Binding ActivePlatform.NestedName}"/> so it should work for all "basic" systems. The TextGameViews.xaml is used to display the text game view (no wheel) and correspond to the image I showed you The wheel game view corresponds to the WheelGameView.xaml file. It has no game notes, no game details, just a wheel If you want the wheel you have to edit the WheelGameView.xaml and add the code corresponding to the game details in the TextGameView.xaml file: Add the additional references in the beginning: Add the missing converters: Add the path variables: Add the game details/notes container: I have highlighted in green the thing you have to ADD from TextGHameView.xaml to WheelGameView.xaml, as well as some code before and after these needed addition (that is already present in WheelGameView.xaml) to serve as "balises" so that you know where to make the changes. The yellow highlight is what is specifically needed to add game notes to the game details (which were not present in TextGameView)
  4. For the 3dBox, you have 2 ways of doing it: - either you change the box front priority to "Box- 3D" in Launchbox - either you edit the "StaticStyles.xaml" file in "Launchbox\Themes\DarkRoom\Views\Styles" folder and change the type of box front to "Box3DImagePath": <!-- FRONT BOX STYLE --> <Style x:Key="FrontBoxStyle" TargetType="Image"> <Setter Property="Source" Value="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Box3DImagePath, IsAsync=true}" /> <Setter Property="RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode" Value="HighQuality" /> <!--Setter Property="Stretch" Value="Fill" /--> <Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Left" /> <Setter Property="VerticalAlignment" Value="Bottom" /> <Setter Property="Effect"> <Setter.Value> <DropShadowEffect BlurRadius="15" Direction="225" ShadowDepth="10" Color="#FF000000" /> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </Style> For the plateform video, you just have to add videos (.mp4) to the "Launchbox\Themes\DarkRoom\Videos\Platforms" folder. It should take priority over random games videos. You have to do that for every plateforms/playlists for which you want a specific video. For the vertical scrolling text, I tried several things but result is unsatisfaying and I don't know how to display that in a "clean" way. You can try this: </StackPanel> <StackPanel Width="890" Height="500" HorizontalAlignment="Left"> <DockPanel Width="890" Height="500" > <Canvas Width="890" Height="500" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Margin="0,10,0,0" ClipToBounds="True"> <controls:ScrollableTextBlock Width="890" Height="501" Name="Notes" Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Notes}" FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/DarkRoom/Fonts/Comic Book.otf#Comic Book" FontSize="25" Foreground="#e7e7e7" TextWrapping="Wrap" ScrollBeginDelay="2" ScrollSpeed="2" ScrollAutoReverse="True" ScrollEndDelay="6" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.5" ScrollDirection="Up" /> </Canvas> </DockPanel> </StackPanel> </StackPanel> </Grid> <!-- Neon --> <Viewbox Style="{Binding ElementName=RSVideoControl, Path=Styles.NeonZPanelStyle}" HorizontalAlignment="left"> <Image x:Name="Neon" Source="{Binding ElementName=RSVideoControl, Path=Sources.PltfNeonSource}" Style="{StaticResource NeonStyle}"/> </Viewbox> This is an editing of the TextGamesViews.xaml file. Now, my monitor has a 2560*1440 resolution, so you will have to tweek width and height yourself to match your screen resolution. I personaly don't like how the scrolling text behave with this code but I don't know how to do better and don't want to spend more time on this that I already did
  5. Hi, I am sorry but this theme has not been designed with the community theme manager as it uses a custom plugin I developped that does several things (mainly platform random game videos, fanart transitions, video shader). As a consequence, you will have to edit the xaml directly if you want to change anything that fits your tastes.
  6. Thanks. Yes I am still working on it, although updates will come more sparse. If you like Coinops that much you can also check the port done by CMoss (Coinops Redux) I still have a lot to do though. I am almost done with home console, and will start handhelds after that, while adding some new arcade cabs from time to time. I didn't create this theme with the community theme creator, just used notepad++ for xaml files and visual c++ for the plugin (not editable), so if you want to change it to your taste, you will have to dig into the files ^^
  7. Not too sure about what is causing that. Did you check that the option to hide auto-generated playlist is toggled off in BigBox? Do you have this issue with other themes?
  8. Hi, I am not sure I understand the problem. If you have defined sub-categories/playlists for a given system, then you should be able to browse through it in BigBox. System subcategories/playlists can be auto-generated in Launchbox (I personaly have All Games and Favorites sub-playlists, as well as Genres, Regions and Play Modes sub-categories for every system (except arcade where specific playlists have been generated depending on sources - like neogeo.cpp, publisher and developper)
  9. What other themes are you using? I want to check if they use another dll or if they don't need conversion
  10. I am pretty sure this has nothing to do with naming conventions. However, the fact that you have two monitors seems to be why you have such an issue. It looks like the theme tries displaying and positionning elements on a 1920*1020 resolution (monitor 2), but with the resolution of the monitor 1 (its roughly halved). That's a little weird, because I designed this theme for a 1920*1080 resolution, but recently changed my setup with a 2560*1440 monitor, and everything is ok. I suspect the Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll may be responsible, as I am using its DimensionW3840Converter to convert dimensions, among them the width and the height of the theme (in StaticStyles.xaml file).
  11. What I meant is try opening these video from the Launchbox folder with media player or vlc and check if they have big black border on left and right (they may not have been cropped) Note: the donkey kong game doesn't have the issue because I didn't do any Vertical Nintendo Arcade cabinet (Mame cabinet only exists in horizontal version), so its normal that it is displayed "normally", because the video height matches the horizontal screen height. For the Dodonpatchi game, its gameId is linked with the vertical Cave cabinet, but it seems constricted by its width
  12. what is your screen resolution? Do you have this issue with all system gameviews (Microsoft Xbox for example) or only arcade cabinets?
  13. Hi, Not 100% sure either. I have the "Microsoft Xbox" system and don't have this issue. However, in your error message, it says "Microsoft XBox" (with an uppercase), which means you name your system like that. I will update the plugin so that it doesn't care about system name case in next release, but in the mean time, can you try renaming your system in Launchbox from "Microsoft XBox" to "Microsoft Xbox"?
  14. Hi, I am not 100% sure, but given your screenshot: - the gameID is retrieved correctly (should be 23763 - otherwise you wouldn't have a vertical display) - the number of scanlines is roughly 70, which is half of what we should see My guess is that your video has big black borders on right and left. (I checked and I don't have this problem with the same game): Do you have other vertical games with this issue? On the wheel game view as well?
  15. Hi, Thanx, this is only available for arcade games that belong to a "classic" playlist that I have associated with a candy cab though (as well as Centipede, Kangaroo and Dig Dug that have a dedicated cabinet). Next release will contain at least Irem Madonna cab (for Irem Arcade Classics) and SNK Neo Geo Candy cab (for SNK Arcade Classics) I will start handhelds very soon (probably next release or the one after), starting by the ones that have only one screen (dual screen will come later due to "technical" issues that I will solve via a shader most likelly). But I want to finish home consoles first and I still have 12 pending ones + the WiiU that will need a brand new TV screen (cause it doesn't belong to any console generation that I have already done). The Switch I consider it a handheld so it will come when I start them as well. So to sum-up: - Remaining home systems: - Handhelds (none started): - Arcade: as much specific cab that I can do, which will probably depend on my motivation ... and definitly a candy cab for every known classic playlist of Mame - Old Computers : I wont list them here ... but Amiga 500 will probably be first - Pinball FX2. That's all I am going to do and I will see when time comes and it's all finished if I add more Don't expect anything new before January though (I won't make release every 2 weeks anymore as I think it is pointless, unless there is a specific important bug to solve).
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