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  1. Retro666

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    v10 beta running nice and smooth. Can i ask if theirs any roadmap to change video/image paths within the import wizard? Can't stretch to a 4tb SSD just yet so i offload my media to another drive. Cheers,
  2. Followed the guide, i have the lightgun working with my dolphin bar and a wiimote. I use the 360 controller to navigate LB/BB, i`m not sure i exactly understand what i should be doing to keep the settings as i want them... Any help would be great. Cheers,
  3. Retro666

    Bigbox repeat platforms

    Hi, got an odd one. I appear to have to two arcade platforms appearing with the same clear logo on bigbox yet only one listed in launchbox. One contains my full mame romset as expected but the other has 17 roms in. How do I remove this rogue arcade platform? cheers,
  4. Retro666

    Nesting feature in 8.8

    Awesome, I’ll have a look. Thanks dude.
  5. Retro666

    Change video path on import (MAME)

    Yep will do mate, maybe a future feature request to Jason? cheers,
  6. Retro666

    Change video path on import (MAME)

    Yep but can that be done when running the import wizard OR do you have to setup a platform first, change the paths then run the import wizard after? Cheers,
  7. Retro666

    Nesting feature in 8.8

    Hi, Might be a silly question but how do i use the new nesting feature? I have numerous Commodore platforms but would like them nested. Cheers,
  8. Retro666

    Change video path on import (MAME)

    Hi, As the video's for the full mame romset are fairly large can you specify the video path when importing? Cheers,
  9. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    For now i have edited my local GP, set launchbox.exe to the allowed moderate risk file types under user\administrative\windows components\attachment manager\inclusion for moderate file types, used launchbox.exe and issue cleared. Once i get a rebuild done i`m sure it`ll be ok without the GP plaster Cheers again mate.
  10. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    I did a fresh install also to the root of c, same result. Maybe its my machine, i`m due to perform a rebuild as i`m going to dedicate a machine to launchbox/bigbox so i`ll see if i get it again on there. To be honest i`ve not seen any reported cases on the forums so it`s particular to my setup (which is good). Cheers,
  11. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    As below mate.
  12. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    Hi, Still getting the failed digital signature prompt when running the exe after install. Do you guys have this since the 8.8 update? Cheers.
  13. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    Yeah, tried about 4 email addresses now, checked my smarthost and nothing in the SMTP logs at all.. Didnt know about the updates folder and there it is so many thanks for that mate... Fresh install en route and 118 platforms to get through Cheers again.
  14. Retro666

    Launchbox Download

    Hi, I`ve had to remove launchbox as i kept getting a missing digital signature when launching either launchbox or bigbox. I`ve tried to request the download link via the main site but not had any emails through. Is their another location to get 8.8 installer? Cheers,
  15. Retro666

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    Trying to use the universal close emulator auto hotkey script with dolphin when running gamecube titles but it quits BB completely not just the emulator. The annoyance is when closing a title the dolphin GUI remains on the screen, trying to get that to close when i quit the title. Any ideas?