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  1. I use arc browser and dolphin (and dolphin mmj) work great. Games are directly launched.
  2. Hi, It may be a bit early to ask, but are the big box themes will be similar on Android? Visually speaking of course. I love my big box set up on my pc and have been waiting for launchbox on Android for a long time, but I had to opt for arc browser, which I find really cool, but there theme customization doesn't go as far as my big box. Since I bought arc browser 9 €, I would not want to invest in another frontend if visually it doesn't have something better. By the way thank you for all your work.
  3. Ok thank you very much for all your work and help.
  4. I've got just another problem now, I want to launch Arcade game in launchbox with retroarch. But there isn't system for arcade, which must I take ? I scrapped with arcade, but I have to add another line in associated plateform to work ? It's not working for now. Edit : Ok I succedeed. I create new emulator "arcade" with the .exe retroarch, and I add only one line in associated plateform, with the core I wanted. When we know how to do, it's very easy. One last question. To use theme in launchbox, we have to purchase premium with big box, right ? I heard that sometimes you offer key for free, or with a very good deal. When that happen, it's on the web site ? Or on facebook ? And if we install big box, do we have to all reset our installation of roms, etc ? Or it keep all ? Thanks
  5. Ok I find ! With your help ! it was my rom path as you said, I change the "é" in émulateurs for "emulator" without accent. And it WORK ! Thanks a lot. I'm so glad.
  6. My roms path is : D:\gael\émulateurs\LaunchBox\Games\Sega Genesis And retroarch here : D:\gael\émulateurs\LaunchBox\Emulators\retroarch So I don't think it's too deep ? Thank you for your help. Have a good night, Hope I could resolve this, I really want to use launchbox.
  7. Yes all is corresponding. Here is another pics. In retroarch I have juste configured joystick, and remap some controlls. Though in retroarch when I want to launch a game, for exemple genesis game, It ask me which core I want to use, all the time, It not detects the core he needs alone. I don't know if it's normal and if it changes something.
  8. Hi, First I want to apologize for my bad english, I'm french so it's a little difficult for me. But you're my only solution. I can't launch any game in launchbox with retroarch. I watched and read all the tuto and I think that all is OK, but no game start. However gamecube game with dolphin emulator work, so it's a problem with retroarch. But I configured everything well in retroarch, game launch and work perfectly, in all emulators. I tried genesis, snes, nes, atari 2600. And in launchbox when I click "open retroarch", retroarch launch, IT WORKS, BUT launchbox don't want to launch a game, why ? Here is my setup : Laptop windows 10 x64, 8go ram, I7 Please help me, I tried everything I could. I don't touch command line although, but I thought we don't have to. The cores correspond in launchbox and in retroarch so it should work. Thanks for your help.
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