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  1. UPDATE: Problem is solved for now, here what was done if helps for other cases. So I deleted now all Windows folders from /Launchbox/Images & Images/Platforms. From Data/Emulators.xml I deleted all nodes with "none" as platform (just in case). Then from Data/Parents.xml removed all nodes for "Windows" platform. And then same action for file Data/Platforms.xml. Finally moved away all files inside Backups folder to some place outside /Launchbox. Final step, BEFORE launching LB or BB I restarted the PC, then BB started and no Windows platform, so for now seems success. Removing "Windows.xml"
  2. Of course these files were removed when LB was completely closed, not minimized window. I believe it's a bug or a xml schema issue, but didn't found nothing concrete to test on. The steam games I don't even want to delete, I just don't want the Windows/Steam platform to show up on BB, this issues could be avoided if LB provide some option to hide the Platform, so simple and already requested long ago.
  3. Just one Launchbox install, latest version, default LB folder setup, nothing was changed.
  4. Hi Joe.., Thanks but that also was done, nothing changed, the Windows platform and all the 119 games return back.
  5. Tried already a bit of everything but nothing works, the "Windows" platform and all the 119 Windows (all Steam) I setup before, I try to delete either just a few or all them (119), but after I restart LB or BB the show up again, can't remove, also a crap not having a simple checkbox for a feature like "Display/include Platform in BB", this way we could avoid this issue and having to deal with hacks to hide/disable all the games for one specific platform. Anyone got a solution to remove all the STEAM games form LB/BB ? Thanks in advance. UPDATE: Problem is solved for now, here what wa
    Good work, save us good hours. When you get the .204 no nag done please shoot. Many Thanks.
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