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  1. Might seem like a picky one but there is no option in BigBox to change the refresh rate to 240hz. The maximum it goes to is 200. This would be fine but for some reason it runs jerky no matter what hz I choose in BigBox, the only way to get it to run butter smooth again is by changing my actual monitor refresh rate to 120hz and then set BigBox to 120 too. It would be nice to not have to keep changing my monitor refresh rate every time I want to boot up BigBox, is it possible to put a 240hz refresh rate in an upcoming update?
  2. Hi Jason, Yes on every emulator, if using the pause screen then exiting the game the background music is gone, you can still hear the key selection and all other sounds and if you've hot keyed buttons for switching music tracks you can press one of them to start up a new track but it just doesn't resume from where the last track stopped. I've come from version 8.3 to this new version. The game shutdown screen is enabled, I've tried with and without it but no success.
  3. I have the exact same issue, did you find a solution?
  4. Hi. Yeah I looked at the controller rebinding too see if start and quit had been put as the same key and they have not, I also tried disabling start up screen and pause screen (even though I really would like these) and still same result, doesn't happen very often and is random when it does. but i'll be scrolling down the game list then it will stick on a game (random) and will just show the game box and a black background, can not move anywhere from here, the background music still playing. Have to CTRL ALT DEL out the program.
  5. (BigBox) I'm loving the new update (coming from 8.3) and I love the new Pause menu whilst gaming (checking the manual midway could come in handy) but I've noticed that when I use the pause menu and then exit the game my background music will of stopped, I can still hear the noises as I scroll through the games and select games but the background music doesn't play.... If I just quit a game normal and do not use the ingame "pause" option then there is no problem and the background music will pick up where it left off. Is there a way around this please.
  6. I've set my BigBox so when I enter a games profile it plays music relevant to the game, if I go back to the game selection screen It then goes back to music I've chosen to scroll through games with... Since the 8.4 update a glitch has appeared, If I enter a game profile it will play the right music and if I return again it will go back to the original music... But if while I'm in the game profile I select either "Manual" or "View images fullscreen" when I then want to exit that and go back to the game selection it continues playing the song from the game instead of going back to the "game selection music" I've chosen :( Please fix this, everything seemed perfect before I updated to 8.4
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