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  1. Hey all, Thanks for linking my post, I have just been using LaunchBox since rather than BigBox, however I will give this latest beta a try and hope that I don't come across the issue any longer. Cheers.
  2. Makes sense in theory, a way around that would be detecting the controller via its MAC address.
  3. @Retro808 I will try that, I've noticed that I have PS button+Options set to escape within DS4 and BigBox also had this set up, wonder if the two escape presses caused any issues when exiting games. And by default the play button and select button are bound to the same button in BigBox? Not sure if that's a bug but I changed those around also, not had the problem since but I'll definitely try the theme change if it happens again. Thanks.
  4. Hello! I'm having this really frustrating issue that I cannot get my head around. When I'm scrolling through my list of games and select one, on occasion the game details screen will be missing all of it's options (e.g. Play and Configure) and the screenshot will also be missing. This happens often when exiting from a game also. Here's how the screen should look: Here's what sometimes happens: The most frustrating part is that pressing ESC or ALT+F4 does not get you out of this screen, you can sometimes press the "accept" button on the controller and the option will be selected, however you can not see it. You can hear sounds in the background like the highlighted selection is changing but this stops working shortly after and you cannot scroll to the bottom option and hit "accept" to exit the game either. I'm trying to have a seamless controller only experience but this is killing it unfortunately, please let me know any more info you may need! Thanks.
  5. Hi @Jason Carr, I had issues previously but deleting the inputbinding.xml worked, however, when the bluetooth connection was severed due to idle timeout and reconnected again the inputs were not being detected and deleting inputbindings.xml did not solve the issue, I don't know what the cause was but the inputs were being detected in Windows and in DS4Windows but not BigBox/BigBox OR PCSX2 so I don't think the issue is exclusive to BigBox. Unfortunately I did not try USB, but if it happens again I will try that and let you know, happy to provide any help. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi, me again. The issues seem to be back for me and deleting inputbinding.xml hasn't worked this time. I've noticed that when I'm playing in BigBox, if at any point my controller was to disconnect and I reconnect then the inputs stop functioning. This has just happened now and the controller isn't being detected in Lauchbox or BigBox after my controller timed out for being idle and reconnecting. I'm using DS4Windows, will try and restart that and launchbox and try again. I'm also on 10.5. Thanks. EDIT: Restarting DS4 and Launchbox/BigBox and deleting inputbindings.xml again has done nothing. Controller is working fine in windows, will restart my PC and provide and update. EDIT 2: Restarted PC and the controller is working OK. Didn't change anything. Very odd.
  7. Can confirm this works, my controller was not being recognised at all even in the mapping window in the options. Using DS4Windows, deleting the inputbindings and launching Lauchbox and the controller is working perfectly again. Thanks!
  8. Managed to solve my issue, it was being caused by the file path containing special characters. Which I find odd because the folder Launchbox itself was in the directory with the special character, but the VLC folder is within the Launchbox folder anyway? So it didn't need to go above the Launchbox directory to where the special character was, confusing! It was also causing issues with Retroarch so hey-ho, all's well that end's well. My filepath looked like this for anyone interested: Google Drive Gaming Emulators ? LaunchBox VLC RetroArch ROMs So the filepath from LanchBox to VLC should only have been ./VLC/vlclib.dll so I'm not sure why it caused an issue.
  9. Hello all, I've been scratching my head with this one for a while now and it's starting to get frustrating, and so I've come to the forums after exhausting all other options that came to my head. Recently, I had the smart idea to upload Launchbox, ROMs and Emulators to my Google Drive, as I heard Launchbox is portable (despite needing to change the paths for the ROMs and Emulators. I did that, got it all set up OK with the filepaths, the ROMs and Emulators are being found just fine. However, I'm getting this error: So, I can see that it seems to be an issue with VLC and the libvlc.dll I can see in the VLC folder, using my google-fu I looked this up and it was recommended to close LB/BB, delete the VLC folder and re-run LB/BB. This creates the folder again, however, the same error still remains. Tried this a few times, even launching as admin to no avail. I've checked the properties of the .dll file as I saw on another post that they can be blocked, this wasn't the case for me I don't see that tickbox. I'm going to wager that LaunchBox cannot find the .dll as if there's a filepath that hasn't been changed, I've searched through every .xml and .config but, alas, I can't find anything. Please help! EDIT: Another interesting development, if I choose Windows Media Player for video playback in Launchbox, the error does not appear, however, no matter the setting in BigBox the error always appears on launch before the start-up video.
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