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Hey guys, A discussion in the beta testing topic made me want to take a screenshot of part of my collection.... LaunchBox-Programs.png So what I have done is added all of my emulators, my DOSbox, and related gaming programs (ie Xpadder) to Launchbox in case I need to open them without a ROM/Game. I'm a big fan of a clean desktop, so this also allows me to get rid of more shortcuts. For the front covers, I found a representation of the system they emulate (for console emulators) or an icon for the program (ScummVM/DOSbox). For each, I found a text logo for each program and used them as a PNG with no background layer, and used it as the clear logo. As you can see, I have Kega Fusion selected and SEGA appears on the background. Getting a large sized logo for each program has been a bit of a pain...Also, I did this as a form of procrastination so the photoshopping I did to create my own PNGs is low quality rush work. The SEGA turned out well, others are more jagged and poorly done. Obviously I have yet to give Xpadder a logo and image, it's in the works...
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Like it. Smile I was considering the same thing. I even contemplated having multiple instances of Launchbox, one for each console and then having a setup like above, only linking to the console-specific instance of Launchbox rather than the emulator. So opening, say Gamecube, would not load Dolphin, but rather open the Gamecube specific version on Launchbox with the games. This is not ideal, but it is kind of what I am looking for right now and it would work OK. Updating would be a nightmare though Confused I have not yet implemented this, I have been waiting to see how the next version pans out. This also brings me onto a feature request that might be quite easy to implement and solve the issue until (if) we get GUI layers, but I will open a new thread in "Feature Requests" for that.
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