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Jason Carr said Yup, vid card and SSD. :) These days the SSDs have really come down in price and can make a huge difference for overall performance. Though, sounds like your video card (and maybe your CPU) are the likely bottlenecks.
Video card is on the immediate list, next 3 months or so. I know SSD have come down I had just been waiting for them to be near 100% stable. Last thing I want is to have a SSD fail on me. Also been waiting for large storage (512GB up my game take a lot of room,lol), which has come, now just waiting for the price to fall on them. SO this I will pick up when the price is right. The CPU and motherboard won't be until Q1/Q2 next year...unless some money falls in my lapSmile
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I hear you there. I've been bit by SSD issues several times from power outages. It seems that some SSDs just don't handle pulling the plug very well at all. In the worst case, I had to reinstall my entire OS. Thankfully backups are never an issue for me though, between Dropbox and Crashplan.
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