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Can't resize forms when editing LaunchBox


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Last night after the football game around 11:30 EST (I'm totally jealous of the west coast people who can watch football at 10AM and finish the late game by 8:30) I decided I was going to go in my room put LauchBox on my portrait monitor and add some more addition apps to my Saturn games while watching Plex on the main display the only issue with this is when you open the form to edit a game it is huge and extends off of the portrait monitor. Now this isn't the first program that behaves in this way but most of the others (possibly all) that I can recall allow you to resize the form so it fits on your monitor so I'm hoping that we could see some resizable forms added to LaunchBox.
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Thanks Jason don't kill yourself over it though I'm probably a unique use case for that request. I just selfishly want to edit my games (setting up additional app functions to launch Daemon Tools and then unmount for more than 250 Saturn games at the moment is tedious work) and watch\mostly listen to TV at the same time
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The form is actually fine on all of my TV's (I'm a firm believer that if you don't have a PC connected to your TV your not doing it right) I'm having issues on my secondary monitor in my room which is a 24" Asus monitor wall mounted on the side of my bed it is a swivel mount but I usually keep it in portrait. I'm using a different PC in my living room tonight and I did just check how the form looks on here and yeah its huge but yeah it is also chock full of data and options. I've designed some forms for a visual basics course I took at school and yeah this is a pretty complex form way more advanced then the three or four button forms we were learning.
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