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Gamesome and Retroarch in Android


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I was bored yesterday so I decided to start messing around with RetroArch on a spare Android phone I use as a handheld (Droid Razr Maxx HD with a Moga Pro Power A) I got it working after finally figuring out that you can't control RA in Android unless you use your controller once I got to that point everything was easy download the cores and launch the games. Now I don't know if this is the issue but a lot of my games on the phone are archived and while RA starts the games they don't preform as well as when using the stand alone emulators that I was already have in Android. Then I decided to add a system to the Gamesome Front End for Android I'd downloaded it awhile ago but never got it setup because it only excepts certain emulators and I wasn't using any of them but since it does use RetroArch I was able to start to test it out it finds images for all of your games almost but not all of them are correct Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 both came up as Super Mario Bros. 3 so not unlike LB there are some minor scrapping issues. One things is that on the phone the UI is very cramped if you had say an Android tablet or a mini stick PC connected to a TV then this wouldn't be an issue but on my Phone you can only see one row at a time (4 games this may be adjustable though I haven't really gotten into the settings yet). So far I've only tried one system in Gamesome and experimented with like four in RA but SNES struggled with speed and even NES seemed to be laggy (SNES games are compressed while NES games aren't) Atari 2600 seemed to work the best but that isn't a surprise considering it is less advanced than even NES. As I play with it some more I will post back any new things I discover that may be of interest.
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I'm not trying to say that LB needs Android support or even Mac or Linux since I won't pay premium Apple prices ever and I've never really bothered to try to use Linux (except Android if you want to be technical). I was just playing around and thought I'd tell people who might want to setup some mobile gaming solution my observations of it. That being said if LB became available for Android I would definitely give it a try. I don't know why you would skip Android if you were to branch out as it has the most users of an mobile platform and retro games work great on mobile (up to a limit but as the hardware keeps getting better that limit is bound to stretch too) while LB may not be optimal for phones it would be great for tablets and mini/stick PC's connected to HDTV's.
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