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Slowly Building a Book Library


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Jason Carr said Very cool Kriven. This is extremely long-term, but I'm thinking eventually we could put a drop down at the top of the side bar for the type of media (Games, Platforms, Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc.). And then have customized views and filtering for all of them.
Just browsing these old pages and came across this. If this ever did get more as say a "media center" a cool idea came to me of developing an app for smartphones to use as a remote to control the media center. Obviously there would have to be some way to establish the identity and relationship between the smartphone and LaunchBox. Maybe something like how YouTube does with a generated key that would be put into the phone app and/or a user login to strengthen security... ie something you have, something you know.
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That's a cool idea but since I have Windows Phone (or Windows Mobile or whatever they are calling this week) no one will develop an app for it. Its actually a solid platform but low market share means low priority for developers. As long as I can watch Plex, SlingBox read my comics, ebooks and listen to audio books then it does everything I need it to just sucks to be denied the bells and whistles some times. (Yeah MLB I'm talking about you)
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Yeah I have heard them to be pretty stable phones but I agree that it is not cool to get those bells and whistles sometimes. I am sure even then if, say LB went into the media center capability, that the wireless/wired game controllers would be sufficient as a media center remote (more a wireless probably in this instance). However, on this note it does make me curious as to whether something like the game console remotes would be able to be wirelessly connected to the computer and do the job. For example I do have the wireless hub that allows Xbox 360 controllers to connect to a computer so surely it would be possible for that remote.
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