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Need Help Filtering MAME Roms


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I have the latest version of Launchbox and I think the ability to sort MAME roms is a great feature but I can not figure out how to do it. Could someone please give me simple, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to filter the roms by region, clones, etc.. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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First import your ROMs either using the importer or select all your roms using ctrl+a and drag and drop them in LaunchBox. 1st form of the import wizard choose Use as ROMs 2nd Form put in your Platform name if you have added MAME as an emulator already and you let it auto populate the associated platform then it will be named Arcade so type in Arcade if you haven't added MAME as an emulator yet type Arcade anyway. If you have added it and didn't let it auto populate and you gave the Associated Platform its own name then type in that name. 3rd form Choose your emulator if you already set MAME up and you used the same platform name that it is associated with it will already be populated with MAME if you haven't added it yet go to add and set up MAME if you name the emulator MAME it will auto populate the associated platform so just add you path. Click OK when finished and then next when you return to the 3rd form 4th form choose what to do with your files I personally recommend using them where they are already located. 5th form Unless you want to add Wikapedia to the database search leave everything as is and click next. 6th don't change anything hit next 7th is the EmuMovie page if you don't have an account just hit next 8th form Read the options and choose any that might apply to you 9th form If you did everything this will be the MAME form with all of the MAME options. Choose the ones you want.
If you didn't match the platform name with the associated platform in MAME this form won't come up.
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Thank you very much for the instructions. I will give it a try. One other question, I have the entire current MAME rom set of over 30,000 or so roms, and it takes several hours to scan them all. Anyway, My question is this, is their an ini or config file I can back up to save my current Launchbox settings so if iI mess up the filtering process I won't have to start all over again?
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Their is a backup folder that you can use in case of an emergency but your best bet is to copy your LaunchBox.xml file and either move it to another folder or copy it there and rename it LaunchBox1.xml then if an issue develops just delete the one you have and rename the copy back to LaunchBox.xml
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1 hour ago, benjdum59 said:

Hi, I developped a tool to filter roms. You can found it at https://github.com/benjdum59/filterRoms/ 

Feel free to use it!

Whoops sorry should of clicked the link first, So this is OSX only , shame. Yeah sorry probably not right to upload it here, im sure we have users who use MAC OS, but Launchbox is windows only and we don't want to confuse people coming here with a app that doesn't work on there system. Sorry again.

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