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Alternative program to especific rom/iso


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When you emulate games like Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Colors, sometimes you need a especific/diferent Build/configuration. But in Launchbox, you can't use more than one emulator in the category (like Gamecube). Ex: you used build 4.0.2, but had a game who only works in an especific build, like 3.0. In Adv Launcher, used in Kodi/XBMC, you can clickin the menu context (C button), choose advanced modifications and choose alternative aplication to the rom/iso. http://i.imgur.com/pJ2FNYt.png
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Hi sagaopc. When you say Category (GameCube) do you mean Platform (GameCube)? If you are talking about using more than one emulator or more than one version of an emulator with a platform so that some games use one emulator and other games use a different emulator, this can be done in LaunchBox as long as none of the emulators are given default status. I use 2 emulators with my PlayStation platform. Most games are set to run under ePSXe, but a handful use pSXfin (mainly due to in-game music issues if emulated with ePSXe). And with my Arcade platform I use 4 emulators: Mame, Kawaks, Zinc and Dice.
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I normally go for dedicated as well, not to mention RA is kind of a jerk to set up. You need BIOS named very specifically for some cores, but its really handy to have it autodetect my PS4 controller (it thinks its a 360 pad) for every core, and combine everything. It just makes some things easier. I used to be really picky about what core I used there, but as of the 1.2 update, everything got a lot better.
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