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Hay guy,s need some input on my editing machine with BB im using mouse & Xbox controller and it works great...so now iv just moved a copy to my arcade cabinet and all is good with using my track ball as the mouse, but my USB joystick controller with buttons wont recognize, and under options i cant assign buttons so im guessing that im going to have to use ahk?,, if so their is an option controller ahk Q: does any one know if this option is checked were does it have to be put so it starts it when you launch BB also does any one have a snip of code as a reference or starting point but what is weird is the joy stick and buttons are recognized by all emu's, once the game is started i play like norm so i know it's working,,i would of thought BB would recognize it just like my x-controler any help would be great
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Sorry for the late reply jason ,, work is realy starting to get in the way of my game time lol this did the trick! for some reason i thought all BB features were in BB but this makes sence. time to start exploring a bit more,, any way Thanks now i can get going for the weekend.
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