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Overlay in the pipeline?


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Hey @Jason I know that you must already have a long list of features that you want to add, but I was curious if you were also planning on adding an overlay for BigBox mode? I was excited to see the "Show LaunchBox" option in the autohotkey menu but when I tested that it just minimizes the game and brings up the desktop app. I was hoping that it would instead bring BigBox back to the foreground on top of the game. It would be great to be able to pause the game, press a key combination to bring up BigBox to view the games manual for something, then press the key combination to return to the game. You've probably already thought of this but I was curious if it was something planned for sometime in a future build.
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@Blu_Haze That would be pretty sweet. I guess technically you can kindof do this already just with an alt-tab back to Big Box, but that's kindof faking it haha. I think the biggest hangup would probably be the pause functionality that you mention - every emulator handles that a little differently so it might be difficult for that to be incorporated into BB. I think some magic could be worked with AutoHotkey though - something like this probably, but I'm not sure about the pausing thing. I suppose if an emulator has a specific pause hotkey, it could be incorporated into a specific script that you create for that emulator in LB. That could maybe work... It still wouldn't be a true overlay at that point, mind you, but the functionality that you're looking for could still be possible.
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An overlay has come up many times before; I can definitely see it being really useful but it's almost certainly a challenge to implement. I do have it on my list, so it's one of those things that I'll likely get to eventually, but have a million things to do in the mean time. Show LaunchBox is supposed to focus Big Box already if Big Box is open; if it's loading up LaunchBox then I'll have to take a look at it and see what's going on. You could always come up with a custom AutoHotkey script, yes; short of an actual overlay you could probably do everything with that that I could do with LaunchBox itself.
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