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Updating RetroArch (Nightly)


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Hello, I have questions about updating RetroArch (Nightly) I'm using the old version of RetroArch (Nightly) about week ago. I wonder if I use online updater from the menu of RetroArch and update everyting from the list(i.e. assets, overlay etc) Does it will update the current version to the same latest one on the official page? or Do I need to update it manually only? Thanks.
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Thanks for the video, but I need more clarify. According to my question, When I want to update to the latest version, Do I need to download it from the site and do replace files manually? My question is, using the online updater from RetroArch's menu does not work the same way as doing manual replacing filles?
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So I decided to check this for you even though I thought the video was explanatory... I downloaded Today's build (12-21-15) and made a copy of my current RA LaunchBox Build (12-10-15). Under the first tab is an Information selection, and under System Info it gives you your current build information. The Build Dates were correct on each version and the git version was different. I ran the online updater and updated everything but cores, checked the Build Info tab and nothing changed from previous. So running the online updater updates certain things that can be updated in this fashion, but a hard update downloaded from the site is still a good thing to do every so often.
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