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Niglurion's Cleanhardware Custom Theme


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Niglurion's Cleanhardware Custom Theme

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All credit goes to niglurion!!!!! Everyone give him/her props and a round of applause. Since moving the forum i thought it would be nice to put the custom themes in the download sections too. Below is the OG post. Furthermore, if you are in the market for some badass background art seen in the post check out this link. http://imgur.com/a/QSqY1
Credit goes to niglurion too.

Here's an update of my first theme: CleanHardware.


  • disable "show Favorite Games" and "Show Recent Games" in Option > Filters List in BigBox
  • Use your own image for every plateform. You can download them on the Official LB Database or on this website.

Changelog: 06/22/2016:

  • added a relative path for "white-corner.png"
  • added news borders (top and bottom) in order to avoid full height hardware images
  • the hardware image is now centered (yeah it wasn't...).

Mirror link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g7kjy9owg9vevw6/WhiteLine.zip



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Is there a way to identify the backgrounds from Imgur? When you download them they come with the cryptic Imgur attached files names (i.e.1 - 3QIdyOW.jpg, 2 - 7VWIstr.jpg, 3 - QL1VPtL.jpg etc.)

Some are obvious as they are the game boxes or have an emblem on them. Some have games that were found on multiple platforms, and are the clear logos so I'm not sure what platform they should go to.

I'd probably never know I was wrong if I put in the wrong location, but given the amount of work that went in to creating them I have to assume they were originally labeled for the platform they were designed.



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@timekills Oh it's an old theme, a first one not very evolved. 
But if you just want the backgrounds, they are in my 'new' theme, CleanBG (clean blackgrounds). You can download them there, they are all labeled for every plateform, you were right ;) 

You have an archive, bg.zip, which contains all backgrounds without systems on it. I think it's what you want here. Forget Imgur.

@kerszr Thank you for adding this theme here, I think I will update it... sooner or later :ph34r:

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@niglurion Thanks for the clarification.I am using your updated CleanBG, and saw you had already included the hardware image over the background image as the combined, single background image for the folders. 

I assumed the Imgur files were still linked when @kerszr updated/moved the post location in case some folks wanted to use your background of games with their own hardware image.


Thanks for all the work, and your excellent theme!

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