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Steam Games with "emulator" results in file not found error


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I have a little program I wrote that forces Steam into Big Picture before starting a Steam game, but when I try to pass the steam URL to launch the game though this "emulator" Launch Box complains the file doesn't exist.  It's a URL, it can't "exist".

I've had no issue sending program executables through to this "emulator" I made because those are EXE files and actually exist.  I'd just mass edit my Library XML to convert these items into calls to my program that forces Big Picture, but then next time I import Steam games the system will see none of them are already in the library.

Anyone have a solution to this?

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Hi @Nielk1, that's the first time that's come up, I guess. Emulation mode has never been used for Steam, so that makes sense. The only way to get around that currently would be to not use an emulator and do things manually via a batch file or something. Feel free to put a ticket into Bitbucket so I can add that as an option eventually.

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