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  1. It has never worked for me or several other people. Every time Steam.exe launches Rocketlauncher which launches an Emulator the overlay is blocked. Now, this DOES NOT APPLY to launching a steam game with RL, because Steam games talk to steam directly, this ONLY APPLIES to RocketLauncher being launched by steam.
  2. Rocketlauncher sadly blocks the Steam overlay hooks. I have not dug into why yet but my guess is it makes its own accelerate graphics buffer and gets in the way of the game's. Thus, launching rocketlauncher via this plugin likely doesn't work well.
  3. @majormajor0 That is quite interesting. I am working on my own project to form a super database of everything, but I am still in the early stages. I was planning to export things like cross-database maps, etc, for use in plugins and tools, but I am not there yet. I am currently using MS SQL Express for mine, mainly for the speed and familiarity, just for the data build. I currently have LaunchBox GamesDB data which I access the same way LaunchBox itself does and MobyGames data (which I have explicitly tagged as "no export" aside from the game urls/ids due to their terms). My struggle is that I want to document everything in very fine detail so that any sort of simplified generated data set could be made as needed (and if they are really common probably added as views for speed of generation).
  4. @Lahma This is all sounding very familiar. I recall running into the issue because I was injecting the shortcut into Steam as ASCII mangling the UTF8 characters but generating my shortcut ID properly, so they were out of sync. I'll need to look through your logic some time to see what I can do to get a cleaner Steam interop working without all the weird stuff I do now. I need a clean Steam Context for a lot of things and wrapping Steam4NET2 as a base is giving me a lot of issues. Is any of your code online yet?
  5. @Lahma FOUND IT! I'm not sure what API you are using. I was/am still using the old Steam4NET2 API that I have to keep up to date for any unstafe functions (functions that Steam itself uses that change location and stuff that were the bane of my existence). Anyway, check this out here: https://github.com/Nielk1/GameLaunchProxy/commit/0e47a7a8662b687e992cce663494b613fdd0b04e#diff-8383a708f32c5565f1e7e3bf7b24c53dR92
  6. @Lahma I recall the é issue in my LaunchProxy thing but I can't remember how/if I dealt with it as it's been so long since I poked the code. Just mentioning it in case I had worked around it there'd be code to look at, but I honestly can't remember if it was sorted.
  7. I'm sure the blocking is an accident of how some part of RL works with its bezel and other display logic. IDK if I can solve it but I've been too busy to do a lot lately (hence why my own Steam Proxy has fallen into disrepair).
  8. Yes. It gives access to chat and a web browser (of admittedly dubious quality) as well as, if you are using Big Picture or a Steam Controller, controller configuration.
  9. The entire point of launching through Steam is to access its overlay, especially if you use a Steam Controller.
  10. For some reason I've not yet discovered RL's launch structure seems to block the overlay. I've not determined if it's due to the overlay hooking the wrong level or process hierarchy because I've not had a chance to dig into it.
  11. That's good to hear. I wish the plugin system had been around when I started this project, as this is the perfect candidate for that. I will definitely check out your code when it's up. I have my old SteamTools plugin that also needs a ton of work, so when I have time again to work on plugins things could get a bit interesting.
  12. I have never used such a thing before but it sounds very interesting. I normally work in the managed world and rarely have to interface with stuff like this. When my other projects clear up I do plan to get back to this and trying to make a more stable API layer out of it. Honestly I normally dig around github until I find a user who's put table dumps up. I am able to use IDA (I've used it to do ASM injections to N64 game save-states and to reverse engineer simplistic encryption logic) but I do so quite rarely if I can help it as the ASM world is one that leaves me tied to a reference sheet the entire time I am digging around.
  13. Writing only works if Steam isn't running. Reading works fine if Steam is running; at least I haven't had any file locking or anything.
  14. @Lahma Rarely, maybe twice. That specific vftable doesn't change often. Other ones change a lot more often that I use for other things, but this one's pretty stable. You'll also note I wrote a custom parser for the binary VTF formatted file that holds the shortcuts to get around using the unsafe functions whenever possible. These functions are the functions the Steam client itself uses to talk to the Steam libraries, hence why they change randomly.
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