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Launch directly from Bigbox "Platform" menu?


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Hi all,

Just got premium Launchbox/BigBox and loving it, going to use it as a media center front-end rather than just emulator launcher.

One thing I would like is to be able to launch a Windows 10 app (such as Netflix, Spotify, Edge etc) directly from the BigBox start screen, rather than go into the "Platform" I created.

To explain, using Netflix as example; in Launchbox I went to 'Add', created a new Platform called 'Netflix', and added the path to the Netflix shortcut I created.

Then in BigBox, I can see Netflix alongside all my emulators, but of course when I click Netflix it goes into the "Game Select" screen, as you'd expect. Here I have to click "Netflix - Shortcut" and then again click "Play" before the Netflix app launches.

This is ok, but I'd love if Netflix just launched with one click, on the opening Platform select screen.

Is there any way to do this?

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If you are using a theme that displays your favorites and recent games you can go into the platform and open Netflix that would add it to recent or you can favorite it in LB and it would come up in your favorites this way you would just press over and open it without leaving the platform screen? If you are using a different theme or you have turned recent of favorite off in the settings then this wouldn't help really.

If you are using the beta Jason just added voice control and you can have it launch anything from anywhere you just have to tell it open game name for system name so say open Netflix for Entertainment or whatever you are using and it should just open Netflix.

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