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I've added two systems recently and followed the following tutorials from the Launchbox YouTube channel. Emulating the SNES and setup of RetroArch for beginners and also Emulating the Nintendo 64. The SNES tutorial is a more recent video and I started with that. I'm using a Xbox 360 controller and followed the instructions for setting up the 360 controller. It suggested in the video to select bind all within RetroArch and to do all the relevant button and trigger presses. Now I moved onto the N64 tutorial and Brad mentions around the 14.55 mark to add the following line to the N64 system -c "config/mupen64plus_libretro.cfg" Now this to my understanding is for custom setups correct, but I didn't add this line and the file is still present in the relevant folder of Launchbox and with regards to controls RetroArch picked up my controller anyway. So I have a couple of questions.

when setting up RetroArch and selecting bind all for the 360 controller setup, does that make that the default setup for all systems unless I add the above line in the correct place and create a custom cfg.

When setting up RetroArch I did the bind all thing I mentioned and I didn't select save before exiting although a cfg file is present and my 360 controller was recognized. So I'm worried I have things a little messed up although both systems seem to run ok and the controls are fine. Just to be on the safe side do you suggest just reconfiguring stuff again to avoid possible problems down the line


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You don't really need the -c "config/mupen64plus_libretro.cfg"  for custom configs at all though you may for certain specific things. I don't use custom configs at all, I just set mine up to have "per core settings" in the configuration menu.

As far as the controller goes Retroarch does a great job of just automatically using the Xbox 360 controller as long as it is plugged in.

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