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bigbox lose focus active.


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hi all, 

BigBox start when this is shown on screen, but loses focus. move the joysticks and does nothing, but when I make a click on the screen, the focus BigBox recovers normal function. I searched in internet some solution but without success. I have found this in ahk " ^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A "to regain focus but does not serve me because it keeps ahead BigBox but not leave it active, and on top you have to press a combination of keys.

I would like to work BigBox default  foreground and active ... any idea?
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This is odd. The only reason this should happen is if you click on something else like your desktop during the BB boot sequence. If you do that, then yes it will lose focus. If you don't though, it shouldn't. You're certain you're not clicking on something else while it's in the process of starting?

Also, are you starting BB via the button for it in LB, or by a dedicated shortcut for BB?

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Ah, I see. Well I can't really help much in that regard. I know that starting BB via a dedicated shortcut in W7 doesn't exhibit this behavior for me (and I don't think I've seen it when going from LB to BB, but I don't launch BB via that method very often). I don't recall people with the setup your describing reporting this issue though.

@Mute64 and @lordmonkus (and I think a few others) have some experience with this, so perhaps they can help.

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