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  1. Ah ok i try that when come home. Thanks
  2. Another change very important.... please add masive aplication change . I just create a bat to launch joytokey but is for one game and i need to agree all game plataform. Do You know for every game is teddius. Jaja my english is bad bad bad jaja sorry
  3. i download this files, Thanks but I have two folders with bezels - vertical - horizontal. In what directory should I save it for retroarch search?
  4. Hello all, download the bezel from retroarch but I do not know how to make them work. Someone can guide me. In which folder should I save - vertical and horizontal. And how to make retroarch show it when playing. thank you for you help
    hi how to install this bezel? can you explain me please.... thanks
  5. O dont understand Whats is "videocontrol" or how use this... V7.1.3 update
  6. hi Jason, In bigbox, it will be possible to change the exit option, for the option to turn off when it is locked with pin? Because I currently only start the machine without explorer.exe. Only with bigbox, but on leaving the screen is black and nothing has to force the shutdown. Could you change or add? Thanks for this amazing job
  7. Yea working outside LB ahk. the solution is add app in game setup LB
  8. I install autohotkey and i create file ahk with this code and add application in game and works.. for some one razon ahk dont work with LB in this app
  9. mmm dont works.. code: batchpath = E:\Hyperspin\emulators\irocker\killprocess.bat $Esc::Run, %comspec% /c "E:\Hyperspin\emulators\irocker\killprocess.bat",,Hide any idea?
  10. excelent. But something is wrong, I need to open that bat by pressing the Esc key like this $Esc::Run, %comspec% /c %batchpath%,,Hide but dont works. any idea?
  11. Awesomeeeeee....!!!!! Thanks. I add line to load the profiles and work very well run, r:\somefolder\xpadder /m r:\somefolder\profiles\somename_profile /m
  12. how to run bat file with ahk script? any help? thanks
  13. how to run bat file with ahk script? any help? thanks
  14. Excellent I would love to know how I script.. can you help me with this ahk script?
  15. Thanks but, I just want to use LB so that the pc does not slow down and i use xppader
  16. Is in a single program that does not work. Irocker. Jukebox another thing. I'm trying to add xppader to a platform but I have no way. LB only allows you to add application to each game. I need to launch xppader with a specific profile, in the emulator sega model 3. Can you add the option?
  17. Ok i try this.... i press Escape but nothing happen . and i try with code escape but nothing happen too
  18. exactly not loading from cache... Always load as if it were the first time. That makes it late to show the logos and it gets very slow ... after a while everything works perfect ... my pc Core i3 with nvidia 710 2gb and 8gb ram.
  19. i test tonight when i come home... thanks
  20. VLC works perfect for me ... vote for you to remove it wmp.
  21. Awesome... Apparently BB always loads the clear logo as if it were the first time it is used. There is some way that they are fixed, that I do not make an update so that my pc is not realentize.
  22. @jasoncarr I explain, when entering the configuration of an emulator for example demul, in the script tab I typed in ahk code to exit with the escape key of the emulator. like this $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } But with these last 3 updates has stopped working. sorry for my english
  23. now dont work script $esc:: ... close process.
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