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Retroarch xbox one controller not working properly since anniversary update

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Since my computer forcefully updated to anniversary edition update my Wireless Xbox One Controller (New Bluetooth Model) isnt working properly in Retro arch. I have the latest build and have it set to XInput.

Other Games seem to work Fine but in Retroarch some weirdness has been happening.

It does work in a way, but things like hotkeys to load states dont work "EVEN ON MY KEYBOARD" I try re configuring and re binding the inputs but they dont seem to work. My face buttons ABXY work properly but Start and Select are reversed. So much weirdness is going on its hard to explain.

The main and most interesting ive noticed is...

Before when a controller was recognized in Retro Arch it would Identify it as XBox One BlueTooth Wireless Controller, now it Identifies as XInput Controller. This may be the most important piece to the puzzle. Although, it seems as if it shouldn't be an issue because XInput is the API for the XBox Controller itself, should be the same for the XBox One Controller.

This is a weird and difficult problem to explain, not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows any work around. I tried rolling back the driver but it seems that the driver i found on the Microsoft site is intended for the controller connected via USB.

If all else fails System Restore may be in order....


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So it sounds, potentially, like some Drivers are out of sort. I would suggest trying to run something like IOBit Driver Booster and letting it update any outdated drivers it may find. http://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php I use this app personally, and it works flawlessly for updating drivers. Another question I have is if you are on the latest version of RetroArch? If your drivers are updated or something has changed, then RetroArch may have potentially released a fix on a later revision. If you are on the latest stable releases, try the latest nightly and see if that makes a difference. You could also try opening up the Game Controllers Control Panel and playing around with the settings in there. Open your start menu, search for "Set up USB game controller", and open the program it shows. I don't use an Xbox One controller, but rather a PS4 controller that the PC thinks is a 360 pad, and when the controller is plugged in both options are in the menu here. So sometimes there is an odd bug where it wants to send double inputs, or it's trying to grab the generic controller driver (which doesn't really work) instead of the simulated 360 driver. There might be a setting in here that you can play around with to get it to work better. It's also worth noting in RetroArch that you can select the driver that RA tries to use. Where it would normally tell you driver name, navigate to that line and press right on your arrow keys to see if you can change the selection. Because I'm using an odd setup, every once in a while I need to come in here to select to proper "device" it wants to try and use.


Hopefully one of those solutions, or a combination of solutions will help you out.

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