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I have games from 2 different systems that I launch via MAME - Philips CD-i and SNK Neo Geo. Outside of Launchbox I have no issues running them with MAME, but when I try to use Launchbox to open a game, my mouse spins for about half of a second and then nothing happens. Would someone please correct whatever mistake I am making to cause this issue?


My MAME configuration is as follows:

default command-line parameters: -skip_gameinfo

Don't use quotes - checked

No space before ROM - unchecked

Use file name only without extension - checked

Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown - checked

Extract ROM archives before running - unchecked

Associated Platform | Default Command Line Parameters | Default Emulator

Arcade | | checked

SNK Neo Geo | neogeo | checked

Philips CD-i | cdimono1 | checked


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Yeah I'm sure the cdi will be its own ball game since the name of the file is not the name of the game so I'll probably have to set custom emulator params per game, but if I can at least get neo geo working I'll be more confident about the general MAME setup.

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For CDI you will need a command similar to the ones need for any of the software lists so for a few examples

a5200 -cart for Atari 5200 or coleco -cart  so I don't know what it is specifically but it is what ever MAME uses for the software list name followed by the -cart/tape/flop/disc

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