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So ever since 6.10 was released Launchbox hasn't worked properly for me and now I kinda wanna roll back to 6.9, atleast for a while. So does anyone know where I can do that? Cause I only know of downloading via email and through LaunchBox and that's always the latest version. But there has to be a version to get an earlier version of the program somehow right? I'm just too stupid to realize it right?

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Already did that during the dev stream earlier today, and the beta actually seemed to make it worse. But I told Jason about it and he's looking it, so I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually. But in the meantime I'd like to be able to use the frontend fully without getting frustrated, so going back to 6.9 seems better for now. After all, I don't use BigBox anyway so the difference in functionality between 6.9 and 6.11 is for me marginal at best...

But yeah, thanks! :)

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Rather than doing a roll back, you might like to post the issues you're having with 6.10+ and see if any members can be of help.

If your issues with 6.10 and later are serious enough for you to want to roll back, then look for the Topic "Previous version or downgrade?" in the Troubleshooting subforum of the LaunchBox forum. You'll find a dropbox link to 6.9 by Kirsten Marie.

Bear in mind that going back to 6.9 will make LaunchBox revert to using the old, now obsolete single XML file as opposed to the new split structure introduced with 6.10.
In short, all changes you've made since you originally updated from 6.9 will be effectively lost.
If you do decide to roll back, do make a backup of your LaunchBox folder first. It may take time but it's worth having.


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Oh, it's all bugs. The biggest one is the whole frontend grind to a halt every time I do anything involving custom fields which considering I have a lot of them is kind of a problem, but then there's also odd text display bugs based on what I arranged the games by when I finish an edit, if I rename a game the pictures attached to it doesn't get renamed so I have to re-add everything manually and also, it seems to ignore custom sorting. Those are the ones I can think of right now.
And the changes I made to the database since 6.10 are minimal and all things I can redo in less than 30 minutes, cause I almost literally couldn't use Launchbox for a month.

Regarding the roll back though, I just did what SentaiBrad suggested. Found the correct update file, reinstalled 6.9 and it's been working just fine since. :)

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