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Update: Alternate Titles

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Hi @Freestate,

We're currently working on this stuff. Please either lookup the patch notes for LaunchBox itself, the twitch livestream and/or youtube videos where Jason develops the LaunchBox client live, or join the LaunchBox public discord and drop into the database channel to get the latest new re: what's being worked on and/or what's already fixed :).

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One thing I've noticed (unless I'm blind) is that the Metadata download doesn't seem to include alternate titles anywhere. Any chance of getting that added?

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Posted (edited)

Hi, I have some questions about alternate titles.

1. Is the region field mandatory now when adding an alternate title? I did add an alternate title without a region. The change was accepted, but the game doesn't display the alternate title. 
2. What region should be set when there isn't a specific region attached to the alternate title?
I have an example:
Game: LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
Alternate name: LostWinds 2
"LostWinds 2" isn't attached to any region. MobyGames categorizes this as "Informal title"

According to the guidelines the facing name is North America in this case, because it was released there. This is why I did set North America as the region for the alternate title. Is this correct?

3. What region should be used for Rom Hacks?
I've added some Rom Hacks to the Games DB and did set "World" as the region. Is this correct?

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