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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to whoever has been uploading logos/wheel art for Amiga games. A large amount of my collection that was missing them just appears to have been filled in.
  2. Changes (or more ideally submissions) to the main database found here - https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. 1000 or so changes in the last few days are mine. Going back through my library and adding games (plus all their info/artwork) to the DB if they don't already exist. Still got a bunch more to do. Shall I hold off or just keep going and let it queue?
  4. None of what you said is relevant. Homebrew or romhacks are standalone, they work the same way a normal game would. Your definition of a modded game still doesn't fit eDuke32 because it's useless without the actual files from the other games, it's *just* an engine. Well no, because it's not a game. No, I said it *is* an engine.
  5. eDuke32 isn't a game though, it's just an engine and it's useless on its own. You need to load game files into it (e.g. Duke Nukem 3D) to then be able to play that specific game. So it's at most a program, at worst just an engine. Doesn't really belong in the database. Game hacks and homebrew are something different entirely.
  6. Yeah. Specifically 722222166666669. Not sure how that's happened. Integer overflow somewhere? https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/16786
  7. I don't agree on splitting Win 9x as that's still "Windows" would would require a large amount of reorganising for me and I assume many others (that are using the catchall of "Windows").
  8. *intents and purposes. Anyway, you shouldn't really see that many duplicated games unless those games were released twice, once as an MSDOS version and also again as a Windows version. Just because it's a DOS game that runs in Windows, doesn't make it a Windows game (e.g. lots of games from the Windows 95 and early 98 era).
  9. Is the ability to submit games from Launchbox itself now likely to have the downside of posting an overwhelming amount of bad or duplicated games? (unrelated to the issue diamond just mentioned).
  10. Moderation is a cumulative effort. Those details can be added once the game itself has been added. You may want to look into adding content rather than moderating then,
  11. One thing I've noticed (unless I'm blind) is that the Metadata download doesn't seem to include alternate titles anywhere. Any chance of getting that added?
  12. That wouldn't really help, in this instance they did provide a link to the "duplicate". Except it was actually a different game with a similar name. Maybe a comments section on the submission itself for new games would be useful (like there is for individual content).
  13. The lack of appeal is a problem too. I had 4 approvals and 5 rejections on a new game, with the rejections claiming it was a duplicate of another game (which it wasn't, it was a different game).
  14. I was using MAME in RetroArch, but switched to actual MAME due to things like vector games not being handled properly in RetroArch. That said, I can't get my controllers to work properly with the real MAME program whereas with RetroArch they "just worked" so I may end up having to switch back. Also most shaders are broken on real MAME on Linux.
  15. Oh, that's new. I didn't realise they'd reached that point yet. Cool.
  16. Oh, just in case anyone isn't aware (because I only noticed this last week): If you need to replace an image, don't delete the old one and upload a new one. Click on the old one, to go Edit and then you can select a replacement image there instead. It means that the action only has to be approved once rather than two (apparently unrelated) actions of delete and then add. Also makes it clearer what's being replaced and why.
  17. Don't feel silly, I only figured that out a few weeks ago when I wondered why the hell the stuff I worked on looked so jagged! Hah.
  18. Just a heads up, it's not a real core, it's just a wrapper for Dolphin so I'd very much advise against trying to get it to work right now as there really isn't much point.
  19. I forgot to mention, we can't reject the ones with invalid years. If you try and reject them, you get an Internal Server Error and (unlike in the case of the deletions, which despite the error do seem to save) it doesn't appear to have actually actioned it, as refreshing the moderation page will put you back on the same new game entry (with an invalid year). The only way to progress is to use the Ignore for 24 Hours option.
  20. The big one I'm running in to right now (other than generally very slow operation when using the moderation part of the DB) is that every time I accept a deletion request, I get internal server error. I don't appear to be getting that any other time now.
  21. @RetroNi Are you uploading lots of (relatively small) Wonderswan Colour logos at the moment? If that is you, scale the images up first (I normally use around 500%) then cut them out, then scale them back down. You'll end up with much smoother edges and avoid the sharp jagged edges you normally get when cutting out bits.
  22. Haha, I have to unbreak people's data all the time, I'm used to it. Awesome that it's all sorted now too, nice job.
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