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  1. Awesome, I've been waiting for alternate names improvments. ūüėÄ I live in Europe and I have european ROMs. I want to get the european titles from the games database. When adding/updating games, the title is set/updated to the US title. I've been testing 11.3-beta-1 and have some issues. Here is an example game: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/5962 "Contra: Hard Corps" has the alternate name "Probotector" for region "Europe". The game in my collection has the file following info: ROM name: "Probotector (Europe) (En,Fr,De).md" Title: "Probotector"
  2. +1 for Clean Media on a single platform.
  3. I had the same problem with a black screen in Retroarch after updating Launchbox. I reinstalled Retroarch and now it works.
  4. It was a long time ago I write this batch script, but dig you put the 7z-files in seperate subfolders?
  5. I just tried with my Logitech Driving Force GT from 2007, it doesn't work. A newer Driving Wheel with XInput would probably work. But i don't know about analog inputs (e.g. "selecting games with the gas pedal"), I don't know if BigBox has support for that.
  6. I've attached an updated script if you want to convert from 7z to gz. Warning: Use at your own risk. The 7z source files will be deleted Description: The script batch converts ISO files from 7z to gz compression. There must be one ISO file inside each 7z file. The ISO file must have the same file name as the 7z file (excluding file extension). The 7z and the ISO will be deleted in the process. The script should quit if there is something wrong when unpacking the 7z. Usage: Put 7z_to_gz.bat and 7z.exe (from 7-zip) in the folder where you have your 7z files (no sub
  7. I really like these kinds of improvements. It would be nice to have the selected image types applied for "Tools" -> "Download Metadata and Media..." too.
  8. I don't know about RocketLauncher, but my guess is some kind of collaboration with a third party.
  9. Those are image categories. Go to Tools -> Options -> Images. See what type of images is checked under "3D Box Properties" and "3D Carts Properties".
  10. I've tried this nice new feature. I've noticed that it doesn't handle multi disc games. I think it should, or at least inform the user to do this manually.
  11. I did some tests in LB 7.11b7. I've testing the name matching on some games with the "Search for Metadata" button in the "Edit Game" dialog. If a game has "Pokémon" in the facing name and "Pokemon" in an alternate name. I get get a match for both "Pokémon" and "Pokemon" If a game has "Pokémon" in the facing name and no alternate names. I get a match only for "Pokémon". Everything works just as expected. But if "Pokémon" is used in the facing name, there really should be an alternate name with "Pokemon".
  12. What do mean by "break the DB"? The matching from LB didn't work? This was probably a problem when LB didn't check for alternate names. I think the alternate names should be used for all matching problems. I don't remember if the alternate name matching is only in beta? I haven't testing this a lot, but it seems to be working in the latest beta.
  13. I get the same error with this version. But it seems to be working. The file startup.mp4 is created in the Videos folder.
  14. There is a moderation "fight" right now between "Pokémon" and "Pokemon" for the facing name. This is my take on this (and interpretation of the guidelines). 1. The facing name should always reflect the game box (North America has first priority if it was released there): "Pokémon" 2. Use liberal use of alternate names for better matching: "Pokemon" (region "North America") The region "North America" makes this an alternate name for the facing name, because the facing name should be "North America" if it was released there. What do you think?
  15. Hi, I have some questions about alternate titles. 1. Is the region field mandatory now when adding an alternate title? I did add an alternate title without a region. The change was accepted, but the game doesn't display the alternate title. 2. What region should be set when there isn't a specific region attached to the alternate title? I have an example: Game: LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Alternate name: LostWinds 2 "LostWinds 2" isn't attached to any region. MobyGames categorizes this as "Informal title" According to the guidelines the facing name is North America in
  16. I don't know if you have a lot of images in the wrong image format. If you do, you could use an image batch converter software. That would save you a lot of time.
  17. I think it would be complicated to have three moderators select a game to merge into. Submitters must check if a game exist. If not, they have to resubmit into the existing game.
  18. Hi. I'm interesting in using the GrilaControllerStatus plugin. But I don't know how to edit themes. Is this implemented in any existing theme?
  19. I've had some weird delays on my Samsung SSD for a while. Now I remembered that I activated a driver feature called "Over Provisioning" a while ago. I tried disabling this and started Launchbox: 1. Before Initializing (before any GUI is shown) 0s 2. Initializing 0s 3. Populating Games 2s 4. Caching Playlists 0s 5. Loading Interface 2s Total: 4s My 4 second loading time from LB 7.8 is back. Awesome!! It must have been some kind of hardware/driver issue. Ironically "Over Provisioning" is something that should optimize performance.
  20. I've already done some startup performance testing in 7.10b3 and I don't understand what's going on. In 7.8 I had a total startup time of 4s, very fast. Then in 7.9 it went up to 23 seconds (I did add some playlists, but that don't explain the 19 extra seconds). This is my test on 7.10b2: 1. Before Initializing (before any GUI is shown) 3s 2. Initializing 3s 3. Populating Games 7s 4. Caching Playlists 4s 5. Loading Interface 6s Total: 23s This is my test on 7.10b3: 1. Before Initializing (before any GUI is shown) 3s 2. Initializing 3s 3. Populating Games 4s
  21. Hello @Jason Carr Did you also do some bug fixing for the "Download Metadata and Images..."? I've done some tests and I think this problem is gone: Can someone else confirm this? That the download doesn't ignore existing images in the LB Games DB.
  22. I don't think there is a way to convert directly from 7z to gz, but maybe you can edit my script to do the whole process. This process takes a long time when you have a lot of data. If you want to use my script as it is, extract the ISOs into separate folders.
  23. Hi @Jason Carr First, I would like to say congratulations on a new great release, especially the playlist feature. And you finally got the platform sorting bug fixed. I did report the same platform renaming bug as @audunv . I can confirm this is now also fixed. However, there still is a bug left when renaming platforms. It has to do with paths to images/videos/manuals... Recreating the bug I've chosen the "Box - Front" as an example (but this applies to all paths). 1. I have a platform named "Nintendo". The path to "Box - Front" is "Images\Nintendo\Box - Front" 2.
  24. Thanks for your reply. It does take 50 seconds to actually start Dolphin (it starts but is unresponsive). But today the delay is gone, it starts in under a second. This was after a reboot. There's no errors in the event log. I've seen some weird things with my SSD before. Sometimes when I copy files it gets stuck at 100 % for about 30 seconds (as it has trouble finishing the copying). I've had several similar events with Launchbox, with a very long startup time (a reboot always helps). The SSD (Samsung SSD 850 EVO) has the latest firmware. I've just set "OS Optimization" to
  25. It's a missing feature. I think it's planed to be implemented soon.
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