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Hyperspin to Launchbox media?

Porl Hendy

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Hiya all, so i have had an eventful day. I had my launchbox set up mostly complete when the HDD i had it on decided to pack in. Been to get another HDD but obviously my launchbox setup has gone :(


I still have hyperspin set up on my bartop arcade until launchbox has bezels working within the program, so i still have all the media....Is there a quicker way to direct or move all the media from hyperspin to launchbox? Just it takes ages to download but takes just as long to direct everything ...boxes, wheels, carts, cds ect ect... Then move on to the next system and start again.


Thank you :)

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Seems like a script to copy or move all the media files from a HS to LB setup would be very useful for a lot of people. And it seems like it would be something LB devs would have great interest in creating since they surely would like people to move to LB. I'm actually surprised this doesn't exist yet! :) 

Does HS have the same exact folder structure for all media for everyone who uses HS? If it does, an automated script may not be so difficult, but would be great for people wanting to make the switch. I did it manually myself. But if I remember right, I think my HS setup didn't even have some media like cover art images for MAME. I am not familiar with the innards of HS because I got my original HS setup from a friend. 

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