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  1. Porl Hendy

    My Rocket Launcher Fade Screens

    These look great
  2. Porl Hendy

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Went away for the weekend and it did nothing but rain for 1 full day, these gems helped pass some time. spent most my time on ripper thanks zombeaver
  3. Porl Hendy

    No Filler Consoles

    I have never actully played it, when i seen your post i searched it up on youtube, i kept fast forwarding and thinking surely this gets better... i was wrong lol
  4. Porl Hendy

    No Filler Consoles

    Gun boat is truely a aweful game Lovin these no filler consoles collections, thanks
  5. Porl Hendy

    T.K.O. Cinematics

    Im lovin the choices
  6. Porl Hendy

    SNES MSU-1 3D Box Media

    These look great, thank you
  7. Porl Hendy

    Klop's ScummVM 3D redux

    Look fab, thanks
  8. Porl Hendy


    Thank you, perfect
  9. Porl Hendy


    Hi @faeran i have a problem with snes theme, the game clips seem too big for the theme, misses bottom of the clips off. Probably something simple that i have missed but i cant seem to find it. Thanks
  10. Porl Hendy

    Youtube Channels?

    Thanks alot, some good channels
  11. Porl Hendy


    Love it, Thank you
  12. Porl Hendy

    Alternative Clear Logos

    They look awesome
  13. Oh i have just bought one of these, i hope i dont have the same problem
  14. Porl Hendy


    Great stuff, thank you