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  1. Porl Hendy

    Alternative Clear Logos

    They look awesome
  2. Oh i have just bought one of these, i hope i dont have the same problem
  3. Porl Hendy


    Great stuff, thank you
  4. Porl Hendy


    Oh i got the sarcasm, great stuff i hope you get plenty of likes for your sarcasm lol But i was more referring to this https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/44696-retrotastic-33-platforms-already-wip-a-collab-by-broskiplays-faeran/ I didnt know if this was the new project, because i prefer this style
  5. Porl Hendy


    I hope this project is still going
  6. Porl Hendy


  7. Look great, but i think u have the wrong images up
  8. Porl Hendy

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    lol great stuff, i was a console kid so alot of the stuff u have put up i have never seen before. I love to go back to these classics after some 10 year old kids beat me on COD or fortnite lol