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Depends on which emulator, Playstation and Saturn through Mednafen and the Retroarch cores you can use an ms3 playlist.

Make a text file and for each disk put the name of each disk image on its own line in the file and rename the file extension to .m3u

Here is how my FF VIII is:

Final Fantasy VIII (USA) (Disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VIII (USA) (Disc 2).cue
Final Fantasy VIII (USA) (Disc 3).cue
Final Fantasy VIII (USA) (Disc 4).cue

Then you just import the m3u file into Launchbox.

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Im not sure how ePSXe handles disk swaps it but I know it doesn't like m3u files.

But if you import both disks Launchbox should detect that it's 2 disks of the same game and it will import as a single entry and then when you right click the game you will have to option of which disk to load. I think you will also get that option in BigBox mode but I have not tried it out.

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In most emulators you can also save state, load up the second disc, save state load and it goes on from there as well.

Also, multi-disc games do get combined now, depending on the language. Game (Disc 1), Game (Disc 2), Game (Disk 1), Game (Disk 2), Game (Disc 1 of 2), Game (Disc 2 of 2), etc. The only thing not caught right now is Side 1 or A, or Disc A etc. There's only a few cases where it wont merge, but it import it all, and as long as the proper words are in the brackets you're good to go.

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lets see, according to wikipedia...


The differences in spelling correspond both with regional differences and with different senses of the word. For example, in the case of flat, rotational data storage media the convention is that disk refers to magnetic storage while disc refers to optical storage.

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