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I've had my MAME set imported for a while and finally got around to playing some games rather than tweaking  my LB setup, which seems to be my past time now :)

Anyway, my first trip down memory lane was to locate Pacland and play that to death before going on to other things. Unfortunately it wasn't there so I figured one of my selections during my import had stopped this particular game from being imported. I had 1600 games after the import which was quite a bit less that some of the guys on here who were left with 2800 which I was aiming for. Anyhoo I thought I'd add that single game and no matter what `I seemed to select, e.g. Region, type of games etc, I couldn't seem to add the game.

I seem to remember that someone had posted on the forums here, that they had the same problem importing certain files, and I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I know it's rather trivial and just one game but if anyone has this in there list and can remember exactly what they selected during the import process and what they omitted I would be very greatful for the help.

One other thing that I'd like to know is what systems are in the standard MAME rom set, can the Lightspeed app help me in this regard?

Also is Daphne and those retro American Lazer Games within the Mame rom collection?


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There are too many to list in standard mame, so I couldn't tell you off-hand. Lightspeed may help, but I honestly don't know what's been done with it recently or if it was fixed. Check out the last few posts from him and see if said anything about it being good to go, because it was broken for a little while there.

As far as I know, Laser Disc games are not in the default MAME set, but I could be wrong. There's still a few tutorials related to other arcade stuff I need to get done.

Concerning Pac-Land, do you have a merged set or a split set?


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Having a merged set is honestly my bet on why it's being thrown off. Merged sets work differently, and our data set is more based off of a split style of rom listings, which is the default. Importing everything like @ckp said is probably the best bet, and if it still doesn't you'll need to grab a .180 split set (they just updated).

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