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Hi everyone - this is my first post here.

I have spoken offline to Jason about my issues and he expressed the want to help but it seems he's very very busy these days with upgrading LaunchBox in so many ways, so I thought I'd ask the community for help:

I have a very unique (one of a kind, actually) Arcade machine that contains TWO mirrored surfaces to display its two monitors. Think 'Environmental Discs of Tron' where the background image is actually a monitor (except that it is also mirrored, like the foreground screen is).

What I require is to run LaunchBox 'mirrored' - not 'flipped' but mirrored horizontally.

So far, I have shoehorned it as such:

I am only running MAME - because it can display with proper 'flip x' and appears correctly. As far as I know, the other emulators don't offer this (please correct me if I'm wrong)

I have taken all the wheel clear logos and run a photoshop batch to mirror them

I have unchecked all the text so that it is strictly image/movie based.

I am happy to have display of BigBox just have wheel images on the foreground screen and the movie files playing on the rear screen.

What I need to get working:

1. I want the movie files to play flipped and on the second screen, not on the same screen as the wheel. - I am using VLC which has the ability to specify monitor AND run flipped, but while I can set this in the VLC program settings, LB overrides those settings and does what it wants (maybe I can find where the VLC settings are in LaunchBox and fix it there).

2. I am running rocketlauncher and while I have 'make front end invisible on game launch', it doesn't seem to work. When I'm running a game, it plays on the second screen and leaves LB frozen on the secondary screen (which is overlaid on the background screen).

3. Despite unchecking all the text stuff, I am still getting more onscreen than I want (It is repeating the clear logo (which is represented by the wheel) and showing a screenshot (which is unnecessary as there is a video). Ideally I would like only wheel images on the left (in my case, the right-mirrored), perhaps a marquee where the repeated clear logo is, and then just the video in the background. Is this a theme issue? I haven't played with themes yet and don't see much of a need to.

4. This is a rocketlauncher problem - but I can't get bezels working. I'd like them to display on the foreground screen. I can't get them to appear outside of LB either, so this request could be considered off topic for this forum.

Who can help with these issues?

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Hi Vic, sorry I haven't been very responsive. Brad removed your link because he was afraid you might be using emulator code against the code's licensing, but I think he might have assumed incorrectly on that.

I'll hit you up via email shortly. I think a lot of that would still require some development in order to make it happen, though possibly not in too much depth. Are you working on another type of product to bring to market?

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Hi Jason, thanks for the reply - I got your email and will hit you up there.

You are right, we are not using any emulator code against licensing. We are part of and respect the emulation community, and our goal is to reduce the barriers to entry - just as frontends like yours do. Long live the future of the past!

But to answer your question about the next product, we are exploring it, yes. Working prototype first, then gauge interest, then look at mass production feasibility.

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