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Retroarch and DS4 Controller


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Hi All

Thought i would ask here first see if anyone managed to get around this issue.

Retroarch is detecting my DS4 as a different device when its wired or wireless. 

Therefore if i setup the controller for wireless and i need to connect it to charge it whilst continuing to play i would need to remap all the buttons because they change with the device change.

i managed to use the auto-config but that doesn't change the hotkeys so causes an issue with that.

Is there a way to have Retroarch detect the controller as the same input device if its wired or wireless (Bluetooth).

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I've only ever used it wired, but what software are you using? That might help, but I know the controller has two drivers. I've seen "Wireless" and xinput, so it might be switching between that. RA should switch automatically, but since it's still probably connected wirelessly it's conflicting.  I don't know if it's possible to disable the xinput portion of it's drivers in the Controller Menu inside of Windows, but if it lets you do that, do that. Even if you load a custom config that scenario still might mess with it. I know I had to set the load order actually, the wireless labeled driver was being loaded first and was messing things up, but I don't have bluetooth, I only ever use wired.

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Yea i am using DS4Windows, I tried input-mapper but not as good as DS4Windows i think.

Retroarch is detecting the wired DS4 as 360 controller and the Wireless DS4 as Wireless #1.


This is the issue. i have set auto-configs for each device input but the hotkeys stay the same and therefore are confusing when changing from wired to wireless.


I will have to set Auto-configs for each device. But ensure if hotkeys are used i plug the DS4 in so i know the keys are mapped correctly. I just thought the software would have something to automap all keys inclusing hotkeys or have a way to detect the same controller as 1 ID either wireless or wired.

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That's correct i have done this for each input wired and wireless. But the auto map doesn't change Retroarch hotkeys and i have them assigned on the controller also with enable hotkeys so i basically double the number of buttons available, however because it doesn't auto map hotkeys only input it jumbles them up.



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I have the same problem, if I use the DS4 controller without DS4windows, it works perfectly inside Retroarch. However, if I use DS4windows to make the controller work in Launchbox, only the  "X360 controller" created by DS4windows works inside Retroarch, the dinput "DS4 controller" mapped as controller X1 is nonfunctional.

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