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Way to delay application launch with additional app?


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It does make sense, but it doesn't currently exist. There has been talk of adding more control of when Additional Application stuff automatically runs though, but there isn't some sort of time frame on it. The best thing to do would be to search up the additional apps ticket on BitBucket, voting on it and adding your own notes to the ticket as well.

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you could probably do this if you use a batch file or script as your additional app, so that the batch file or script will launch your actual app (like if it's batch, use: start <your app path and file name> ), sleep xx seconds, then exit.

batch file might look something like (replace 10 if you want to wait different number of seconds):

@echo off

start c:\folder\yourapp\app.exe

timeout 10


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yeah. and i would use autohotkey instead since there would be no command shell window popup and it's cleaner and nice. you could even get fancy and check something before exiting, like if some process or window name exists, rather than rely on a sleep timer.


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