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Hi as promised here is the Default BigBox Vertical theme specifically for Vertical Screens, Arcade Machines etc.

Unzip and place unzipped file in your LaunchBox theme Folder.  You should now be able to scroll and see your menu items in the BigBox and Options Screens.  All Background Images and Background Videos will fill the entire screen so it is advisable to have Vertical Videos for your Platforms and Games, if not please be advised that normal Platform Videos and Game videos will fill the entire screen if you set show Platform or Game Videos in settings.

This is a work in progress as Jason said that when he has time in the new-year he will sort out the fonts sizing that is needed in certain aspects of the menu and options screen which currently cannot be done in xaml, but i have used a alternate method for the time being in order that you will be able to see what you are navigating in these menu's.

Platform and Game Views are reworked to take advantage of Vertical monitors.

For people having trouble on some views please be advised that the New Views recently added are not skinned for Vertical Orientation yet.
Below is a list of working Vertical Views

Working Views Platforms
Platform Text List with Details
Platform wheel 1, 2, 3, 4

Working views Games:
Coverflow with Details
Text List with Details
Vertical Wheel 1
Horizontal boxes with Details

Also note that as this is the default theme reworked by me it is still solely the property of @Jason Carr and UnbrokenSoftware.


Thanks to @Jason Carr for allowing me to manipulate this theme for Vertical Machines.


So Happy Christmas to All and a Very Merry NewYear.


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@BakerMan Here are screenshots of games on a Vertical monitor,of NES through Retro-arch as you can see it stretches to the full screen and a Screenshot of Genesis Game 3 Ninjas Kick Back using Fusion 3.64 as you can see it doesn't extend to the full screen width because of emulator's resolutions.  Any emulator ie: mame,retroarch etc can stretch games to any screen resolution some emulator cant and have set resolutions like 640x480 and will have bars above and below game.  



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On Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 10:36 AM, BakerMan said:

This isn't the greatest example in the world, but a quick mock-up of what bezels would look like with this view...


Not the best example I agree because maybe the startup screen fit the vertical screen but when the game load, we can clearly see that this game was meant to play in a landscape monitor (larger than high).

Maybe you can try with Pac-Man or 1942 and post back what it looks like.




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Not at the moment as we would end up with a large black area above and below the background video's and artwork's, as this is a vertical theme for vertical monitors it is up to the user to source Vertical Videos and Artwork themselves at the moment, however i will be revisiting the theme in a few weeks and will try and see if i can do a workaround to sort this out, i may well at that time decide to create a completely new Vertical theme that will allow the user to use normal artwork and video instead i haven't decided yet as i am currently working on 2 new themes at the moment.

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no matter what I do, I cant get this to work... I extract it, then change it in the settings.  But nothing ever changes.  im still left with the same default theme (not default vertical).  its like nothing I do forces the image to change. it just remains.  any help would be great... its the only thing standing between me and arcady bliss

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