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Future YouTube Video Request: Setting up Bezels


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Hey Everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'd love to see a video on exactly how to set up the side Bezels within a game. The bezel art could be game specific or is there a way to use a platform specific bezel that would show in all games for that platform.

I don't know if this is done in Launchbox or whether or you would need to do it in the actual emulator (i.e. MAME). I know many emulators (like Colem) would not support this so I'm hoping it can be accomplished in Launchbox.

The current videos around setting up bezels on YouTube are super confusing.

Maybe the first video could be just setting up one bezel for one game in Mame (say Dig Dug)  that will be launched from BigBox.

I'd also like to know where to download the available bezels as most links in the YouTube videos no longer work.

Thank you.












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As DOS76 said, bezels/overlays are handled by RocketLauncher or the emulator(s) (depending on if the emulator has bezel support or not as not all emulators support bezels). LaunchBox doesn't have anything to do with bezels. Primarily, you would use either RocketLauncher or RetroArch for all of your bezel needs. MAME also has support for bezels. In my setup, I use RetroArch. It's quite easy to setup and you can use one bezel for all games across all platforms. Not sure about using them on a per-game basis in RetroArch, but MAME works that way and I believe RocketLauncher can do that as well. I don't use RL anymore and haven't since my HyperSpin days, but I'm sure there are others here that do and will help you get going if you decide to go with RL.

As for finding the bezels, I believe we have a pack of 100+ right here in the download section. Also, I believe EmuMovies and the HyperSpin sites host them as well. Setting up a bezel in RetroArch is just a matter of going to your overlay settings and pointing to the bezel you wish to use. Both RL and RetroArch come with a handful of bezels to get you started, although I believe in RetroArch you have to download them using the built in update function.

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