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Visual Pinball recommendations for best experience? First time setting up


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totally new to Pinball stuff like this, but excited to get it working...

I have a large set  of tables to import for this, but there are MANY TYPES of them... FS (fullscreen), WS (widescreen), Flipperless // Original Tables, Recreation Tables, PinMame Tables, VPinMame Tables, 

...IMPORTANT: I don't have a special monitor setup for this specifically....they don't rotate, none are in portrait mode, and I have x2 displays total, they are side by side....main on left, second on the right....both 1920x1080 resolution (24" LCDS)

Just wondering what sort of tables I should limit my collection in Launchbox with, for the best experience given what I have (or don't have)?  

Also, at least some tables I've tested appear to be FLIPPED on the side (I've only tested a couple and they were both sideways)...is there an easy way to make the program rotate the table 90 degrees?  (and ideally remember the setting)?

Thanks everyone.

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21 hours ago, cleverest said:

Thanks, but I'll use both :-)  I figured out to NOT to use any tagged FULLSCREEN, just the WIDESCREEN ones and any other not marked FULLSCREEN and those all display okay....

Still can't figure out PINMAME tables though, they crash with ROM missing errors....

You need the appropriate roms file for many recreations. Some roms are in the VPforums and others are at the http://www.ipdb.org

Once you have them, they go in you Visual Pinball folder -> VPinMame folder -> roms folder

You'll have to be careful about mixing VP9 and VPX tables. I've set them up as different platforms in Launchbox and point each to the appropriate Visual Pinball executable.

I use the following as the default command line options:

-minimized /exit /play


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  • 4 months later...

I'm trying to avoid the dialog to click OK when I launch a Vpinmame table to permit the ROM from loading with the table...anyone know the command line to achieve this? I have the ones recommended above set, but it doesn't help this...

See image attached... Thanks.


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