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yeah that is where they are located if you set up the controller options you will be able to access it with a controller also. If you want to shutdown and reboot as a platform and not an option it could probably be done with an ahk script or a .bat but it isn't available out of the box. I honestly don't see this being added as a feature since it is redundant to the shutdown options already available but feel free to request it on the BitBucket page it can be found in the forum navigation list at the top of the page under issues/requests

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Yes in your LB folder under images there should be a folder called System you would put it in the platform folder

example ..\LaunchBox\Images\System\platform place your image there and if you have images for shutdown and reboot put them in the box front folder

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Windows has built-in command line for a shutdown and restart.

You can also use simple batch files with the single command to shutdown or restart.

Restart example on Win10:

   shutdown /r /t 0

Shutdown example:

   shutdown /s /t 0

You can add /f also if you want to force the shutdown/restart, killing any process that is not cooperating.

shutdown /? will show you all the options, like a timer or other things if interested.

Some version of Windows use a dash for the parameters instead of a slash. Check using the shutdown /? command

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@noxx , one thing to note when using a platform(node) like "System" as you have done (I do it also but call it Tools), is that it will also show up in Attract mode, because you cannot exclude certain platforms(nodes) from Attract mode, unfortunately.  :(

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