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MAME/Arcade: Coins and Player Numbers


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Just purchased a lifetime membership for LaunchBox/BigBox - looks really good!

I have MAME setup and mostly working with LB/BB. I have a couple of NOOB Questions: 

  • I am using a Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad
  • Running on Windows 7, X64 on an HTPC connected to my TV
  • I am running MAME 161
  • I would prefer not to use my keyboard and controller
  • Is it possible to map coin insertion (5,6,7,8) into my controller?
  • Is it possible to map player start (1,2,3,4) into my controller

Do most folks run MAME or RetroArch for the Arcade emulator on BigBox? Pros and Cons for each?

Anything else folks would suggested to enhance my Arcade experience? 

Once this is working I will try to get Atari 2600 and C64 working - I am giving my age away! :-)



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Mostly we recommend that you use MAME stand alone over the RetroArch version. Running MAME through LB is just like running MAME LB is just  a launcher so if you want the interface that LB provides I would suggest using it. Usually if you map the controller and it removes the keyboard key just hitting enter again and pressing the key will bind it to both. MAME excepts button combos to when you set things up so if you press two buttons simultaneously it will map that as a combo as an example you can use start and select on your controller to act as the escape key and exit the emulator

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