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7 hours ago, Dan said:

Very nice! One comment - the text on the right looks a bit bunched up and squeezed, with the system selection bar on the left having quite a lot of space. Maybe the text on the right can be given a bit more room?

It might be possible in the XAMLs to do this, but I haven't wrapped my head around how that works yet (not the author of this theme; it's the Minimal - AO one). The game list does have view that makes the text spread out more across the screen for the description, but the views for the platforms don't have this:




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I decided to give @CriticalCid's theme a run. I changed up the background video (still haven't settled on anything permanent; I kinda want DNA strands or something like that). This is showcasing my PS2 library of 105 games, so it's a little long in the tooth. I do need to re-do some of the videos (a few don't have audio and a few others need to be cropped to fit), but otherwise I'm basically done with this category. Next, I want to wrap my brain around RL for the fade screens and whatnot. Also, sorry the video is cropped like it is. I run it through Movie Maker with the "YouTube" settings since it gets down from almost 9GBs to only 1GB, but it puts that border around it... oh well. :)


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