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Problem with Feature Scan for added and removed roms


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Does the feature "Scan for added and removed roms" only work if you use default folders names ? I mean i was using it today on ps2,psp,wii, gamecube plataforms and it worked very well, but then when i tried to use it at SNES and GBA plataform it did not work and did not found the new roms that i added on the plataforms roms folder, then i realized that the problem maybe is because the plataform that the feauture is working the folders are the names the launchbox gave to them like the ps2 games folder is Sony Playstation 2, and the ones that are not working are names that i gave like: Super nintendo (instead of Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is there a way to fix this ?

PS.: The roms folder are all inside the launchbox\games\(system name) folder...

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That might be considered a bug. If you had to use folder names, the scan for added roms wouldn't remember that. There might need to be a Wizard for scanning. I honestly never use it, because it's handy once in a while, but there are too many complicated holes that require a jump in logic, so it would be extremely hard for Jason to code for every scenario. It's just... one of those features; helpful, but extremely unwieldy in a lot of situations.

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