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  1. That's good, i want to add the catridge systems merged sets to my collection, i am Just waiting on this feature to do It ?
  2. Hi guys i have been out of the launchbox forums for some time, last time i checked i was answering a poll which had one feature that really got my attetion: Proper support for merged sets/goodsets (select which version to load at launch). So i would like to know if this is already implemented or if it is in the plans for implement it in near future ?
  3. Just found one Controller that seems to be interesting, a bit expensive when compared to the others but looks good, have You guys ever used the "wee controler" ? (i did not wrote wrong It is really "wee" haha) i Will send some pictures.
  4. Thank you that worked for me.
  5. Is it possible to move existing plataforms for a new created categorie ?
  6. It is very weird, i tried to change the name back to what it was before but this time the media locations did not changed... i will really have to do it all manually... Okay it did changed it back after i reboot launchbox...
  7. Yes i am doing this, but that is a lot of work to change one by one, but if there is not another way.... I think that it should have an option to make the things easier.
  8. Is there a way to change plataform's name without automatically change the media location, today i created new plataforms for my snes, genesis, Gba, Gbc, master systems, ds, romsets and changed my old plataforms names for snes BR, genesis BR and so on... ( because they are rom translated for portuguese) and then it automatically changed all the old media location for a new one with the new plataform names (which has nothing inside) i want to use the same media location for both plataforms since they use the same media...
  9. Just what i was looking for, can you add a scraper so it can easy download the covers ? Do this also work with tv shows ?
  10. Is there a Nokia N-Gage Emulator that works with launchbox ?
  11. Tectoy (a Brazilian company that produce and distribuite sega's consoles and games here in Brazil) is about to launch a new mega drive (also known as genesis) and they were trying to launch a console as accurate as possible, but i saw a lot of people on youtube comaplaining about the sound that's not accurate and so on... So i thought if the emulators are much diferent from real hardware... Here's a video of a gameplay recorded with the "new" mega drive... That being said I would like to you guys comparing the most accurate emulators to the Real consoles, audio, video, FPS\frametime and so on
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