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  1. That's good, i want to add the catridge systems merged sets to my collection, i am Just waiting on this feature to do It đŸ™ƒ
  2. Hi guys i have been out of the launchbox forums for some time, last time i checked i was answering a poll which had one feature that really got my attetion: Proper support for merged sets/goodsets (select which version to load at launch). So i would like to know if this is already implemented or if it is in the plans for implement it in near future ?
  3. Just found one Controller that seems to be interesting, a bit expensive when compared to the others but looks good, have You guys ever used the "wee controler" ? (i did not wrote wrong It is really "wee" haha) i Will send some pictures.
  4. Thank you that worked for me.
  5. Is it possible to move existing plataforms for a new created categorie ?
  6. It is very weird, i tried to change the name back to what it was before but this time the media locations did not changed... i will really have to do it all manually... Okay it did changed it back after i reboot launchbox...
  7. Yes i am doing this, but that is a lot of work to change one by one, but if there is not another way.... I think that it should have an option to make the things easier.
  8. Is there a way to change plataform's name without automatically change the media location, today i created new plataforms for my snes, genesis, Gba, Gbc, master systems, ds, romsets and changed my old plataforms names for snes BR, genesis BR and so on... ( because they are rom translated for portuguese) and then it automatically changed all the old media location for a new one with the new plataform names (which has nothing inside) i want to use the same media location for both plataforms since they use the same media...
  9. Just what i was looking for, can you add a scraper so it can easy download the covers ? Do this also work with tv shows ?
  10. Is there a Nokia N-Gage Emulator that works with launchbox ?
  11. Tectoy (a Brazilian company that produce and distribuite sega's consoles and games here in Brazil) is about to launch a new mega drive (also known as genesis) and they were trying to launch a console as accurate as possible, but i saw a lot of people on youtube comaplaining about the sound that's not accurate and so on... So i thought if the emulators are much diferent from real hardware... Here's a video of a gameplay recorded with the "new" mega drive... That being said I would like to you guys comparing the most accurate emulators to the Real consoles, audio, video, FPS\
  12. I have never used plex before, in your opinion is it better than kodi for this function ? is it portable ? Can i install it on a external hard drive and use it in more than one pc ?
  13. so kodi will find the scraps and metadata automatically if my media is named right ? Or do i need some add on ?
  14. I will try with kodi, that is something that i already used, i will let you guys know if that worked for me
  15. Hey guys, so i was wondering If There is a way to organize my tv shows And movies that i have got on PC, (from original sources, Like DVD And bluray) in my computer Like launchbox does for games ? with covers And metadata, i thought about kodi but i do not know How to do this, And I also would Like to know If It is possible to do this in launchbox/bigbox ? And If no that could be an interesting feature don't you think?
  16. The Kodi website is back, it was their joke as they say in this new: "Happy April, everyone. Did you miss us? Apologies if we scared you, but you'll have noticed that we've redecorated while you were looking the other way. Some might even suggest that taking the website and forum down for a couple of days was all part of the plan... However, despite the "seized-and-offline" gag, there's a serious message here. It is genuinely true that we're facing a constant tidal wave of piracy boxes, trademark infringements and erroneous (or outright misleading) news reports. Hardly a day goe
  17. Scientists prove they can store 215 petabytes in a single gram of DNA, retrieve it error free. The Dream of every's digital data accmulator is to store ALL the data he gets interested in, And It can become true with this New tecnology. The Future is coming hahaha. Here is the News URL : https://www.neowin.net/news/scientists-prove-they-can-store-215-petabytes-in-a-single-gram-of-dna-retrieve-it-error-free
  18. Hey Guys take a look at this video: That's what i am talking about, but it does not seems like i will find something like this to my smartphone...
  19. I will post a pic of what i have and what i would like to have . Maybe i can find some slide out controller that fits my 5.5" android phone...any other suggestions are welcome.
  20. Hey guys whats up ? I added some games at my smartphone, they from ps1,snes,nes,genesis, master system, psp and n64, i got a bluetooth controller that is the xbox360 model and holds the phone on top of it, it works very well, but it is way too big to carry on pocket hehe , i thought about it and if there were one that was like a "bumper" , "case" (sorry if this is the wrong word i am not a native english speaker) or something that works like a PSP GO or xperia play, which means that we could carry together with the smartphone on the pocket and it would be "ready to play" it would be the perfe
  21. That is a good idea i will try this out, do you know if it works with .cso files ?
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