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    The retroarch puae core works perfectly these days as far as i can tell. You just need your kickstarts in the bios folder named correctly. Just load up the core in ra & click the core info. It'll tell you the files & file names you need for your kick roms. Works fine with adfs & hdfs
  2. Yes, Its whilst its loading the data. My total number of games is 68776! so i guess its time to trim that down a little lol. I'll drop some of my c64 stuff & see how we do.
  3. Im using the Nvidia Shield & my content is on an external HD. The start time is exactly 1min 44secs. It's probably due to the large number of games & art i have for the c64. I got like the whole Tosec set in there. D64, Tap, T64 & also GB64. The Spectrum & Amstrad has a hell of alot of games too. Thats plus my St & all the consoles. Got pretty much everything in there. Im thinking i'll trim it down for the Android lol. Doesn't have quite as much crunching power as my desktop
  4. Yes, I know about overrides. But i prefer to use separate cfgs. Not everything saves in a override. And sometimes they don't even work. As an example of something that doesn't save in an override, retroarch hot keys. I might want my trigger button for fast forward whilst using one core, but i might need that trigger for normal use in another core. I've found these kinds of things dont save using overrides
  5. Also, Custom cfgs for retroarch. I have tons that i use for overlays etc. Thats the only thing missing for me. The other stuff i can wait for. Currently im running launchbox on pc & Arcbrowser on my shield because it has all the features i need right now. But it is a little buggy & has a tendency to crash alot for wotever reason. So eventually im hoping to switch fully to launchbox on my shield too. Once all the features i need are implemented. Also, the launchbox start up times can be quite lengthy with alot of systems imported. Oh & the vice_sc Core for retroarch & the Hataroid emulator for the st. The retroarch core appears broken on android for now.
  6. all i get is "no such file or directory" . Its having trouble with my rom location apparently. They all work from launchbox though
  7. Ah i see. I couldn't see that as I didn't have the button bar toggled on. Problem solved then!
  8. Hmm just noticed there is no sound when videos play either
  9. Yes its all set up as it is in launchbox. Strange
  10. Hi, When a .sid file was selected as music in Launchbox it would play when you either clicked on the game in the library or selected play music, But in Next it does nothing. Same for .nsf .mod & .spc
  11. Yes, it also allows the use of Amiga mods & Nes nsf's as music. Possibly other formats but those are the ones ive tested. How did you not know? Lol. Its a great feature!
  12. launchbox.next no longer allows playing of .sid files for music. I could reallly do with this feature back as i spent weeks adding the sid music to the individual games!
  13. Thanks for the replies but i know all that already. Id just like a simple button to clear all meta data. I dont want to remove wrongly scraped roms. I just want to remove the wrong data without having to do it all by hand. When you have shed loads of wrongly scraped roms for systems like the c64 & they don't exist in the database its kind of a ball ache
  14. This is something i'd find really useful. Especially when fixing wrongly scraped roms. A simple button within the rom edit screen to clear all attached data. With the option via tick box maybe of including the media also. This would save alot of time rather than deleting each field individually by hand.
  15. Ok so i have c64 covertapes that im importing into launchbox. Each tape is stored as an individual folder ie Powerpack #01 (commodore format covertapes) & Inside the folders are the individual .tap files of the contained games. So when i import using folder names as game titles i get 64 roms listed as powerpack 0-64 respectively. Ok, so far so good. Only thing is the additional apps (the individual games in the folder) are all named after the folder too instead of their actual name. So when i right click the listed title i just see 'play powerpack version...' 4 times. Instead of 4 seperately named games. How can i import with folder names as titles but have the individual files inside the folder listed with their proper names?
  16. I dont know what kind of things can be accomplished with these new plugins, But a way to use actual game music formats for music instead of mp3s would be great. That way you could use your own vgm collections for the game music. Eg for c64 a sidplay plugin to be able to use HVSC. You would have music for every c64 game. Or a deli/exotic music player plugin for the amiga. Vgm for genesis, SMS, Gamegear. NSF for nes. SPC for snes etc. There are many video game music formats & full vgm collections are quite easy to come by on the net. This way you could have music playing for pretty much all your games
  17. Also, Scan for added roms doesnt seem to work when the original roms were added using the 'use folder names as rom titles. How do we use this option also when scanning for added roms?
  18. @Britxcdn for the most part it seems to be working now. Except for Amiga. Still cant mass scrape music for this platform
  19. Seems to be working now for everything except music. Music returns an error during scrape
  20. Yes this is happening for me too. When selecting all & trying to update metadata and images. Nothing is downloading from emumovies. No covers, music etc. Yet when i select a single game & edit, Then download media. It shows all are available & downloads fine. Really dont fancy going through every game individualy downloading the media
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