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  1. In my setup i have a custom system added for commodore 64 covertapes. I thought it would be cool to have the magazine issues the covertapes are from as the manuals. So i added each issue pdf to each covertape as it's manual. Great. So if i view manual from in launchbox, they open as expected. I suspect because they're opening in adobe. However, When i try to view them in Bigbox using the built in pdf viewer, all i get is a blank white screen. This is only with these particular manuals. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm having an issue when starting games from bigbox. The game will start but then batrunner.exe cmd box will become focused over the top & minimises scummvm. Any ideas?
  3. I've looked but can't see an option to display a screenshot if no gameplay video is present?. Perfect for console stuff where i have all the videos, But with the computer stuff eg. c64, amiga etc where the videos are patchy. all i have is an ugly black area. A screenshot here wouldn't go a miss.
  4. @JoeViking245I Know, I've also looked all over for a softlist catver.ini or some way to filter these softlist roms to no avail. I've even resorted to taking a tosec set, Separating out the application & educational folders & then crc matching against the softlist apple II set & physically deleting the matching roms. I've managed to weed out a good few using this method but not all!
  5. While this is really great. Does anyone know of a way to filter out the mountains of crap also present in the software list roms? Eg educational, Applications. And just have the games?. Im interested in the Apple II but the shear amount of non-game software is just crazy
  6. Ok so i checked my retroarch screenshot folder & there were 10 screenshots. These are shots i'd taken previously. None of the game in question. On the occasions where i've been asked to save the shots though, it asked me to save 10 screenshots.
  7. It's fine now, Sorted. Turns out it was a wayward custom config i was using for the fuse core causing my controller issues. As for the phantom screenshots, i will investigate later as to what the shots actually are.
  8. Nope. Nothing extra. Steam is always open on my system as i have it load at startup. But thats not it as the older launchbox works fine. I was going to test up to which version it stopped working but unfortunately i deleted my update folder contents just recently!. Somewhere between 11 beta 1 & 11 official is the problem
  9. & working in earlier version. Both exact same setup with regards to settings working.mp4
  10. i also have it set to use kempston. I just made 2 videos. One using latest launchbox & one using 11 beta 1. Oddly though this time it didnt give me a screenshot save request. But it did still mess up. In the video i am pressing random buttons on the pad. broken.mp4 working.mp4
  11. Thats just it, Im not taking any screenshots. Its just saying i have after i exit. Also i haven't set a screen capture key or changed the default f8 screenshot key in retroarch. Like i said, Ive changed absolutely nothing since launchbox 11 beta 1. But now im getting these save screenshot requests & any joypad press whilst using the fuse core will spaz it out. Its like background keyboard automations off the joypad are being sent to retroarch or something
  12. Ever since the introduction of the screenshot grabber. I've been having a strange issue with certain cores in retroarch. Mainly cores for computers with keyboards. Also requests to save Phantom screenshots after exiting. Its as if my joypad movements are sending keyboard commands to retroarch. It renders the spectrum fuse core unusable. Its definitely a launchbox issue as it all works fine in an earlier version (which i have setup separately & not updated). Also works fine when running retroarch alone. I've changed nothing in settings. I don't have my pad set to do anything like this in la
  13. Is there any way i can use either this tool or some variation on it, to copy or move all the games listed in the sql to another location?. I need all the game files in a single location as im trying to make my launchbox setup portable. At the moment i have my fsuae games in seperate folders. eg amiga cd32, tosec, gamebase and i just scan the whole folders into fsuae. Now obviously if i want this portable i dont need whole tosec amiga collection. or whole gamebase amiga collection. This would just take up unnecessary space. I only need the games that fsuae detects & uses. Thus i need a way
  14. That was what i have already thought. But it's just not practical in my situation. There are literally a thousand additional roms to add. This is so simple when using arc browser on android. As long as the roms are named the same (besides tags in brackets) rescanning them will just add them together with the 'parent' rom. I need this functionality. It's capable of doing it when you first add the roms so I don't see why it can do it when you add more?
  15. I like to have other versions of games as additional apps. This works great when you first import a set. But if you later want to add more roms as additional apps then you must add them individually. Is there no way to drag & drop additional roms over the top & have them added as additional versions?. If i try i just see no roms added. As they technically already exist by name only so it won't add them. Id like it to add them to existing games as additional apps. As it would if i were to freshly scan
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