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Launchbox True Portable App ?


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Hello all, lurker for a while and decided I better create an account. I did a search and don’t see any mention of a portable app.

I been setting up Launchbox/BigBox on my main work PC for testing and configuration. Can I then move this (easily) to my dedicated arcade PC? Is the program a true portable app where I can just copy and paste? Just trying to figure out an easy way to do this.



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If LaunchBox is on the same drive as all your emulators and roms, or the emulators and roms are inside of your LaunchBox folder, than it's the easiest way. When they're on the same drive (inside the LB folder or not), LauncBox will default to using relative paths, meaning it just assumes that the drive letter is which ever drive everything is on. So when you see '../LaunchBox/.." when you edit stuff, that's a relative path. If you have emulators or roms on a different hard drive, it must use a full drive path in order for it to know where it is, and that's when things will break when moving LB. You can either edit your platform XML's to edit the path letter, or change the drive letters on the PC you're using. Well, except the C drive, never change your C drives letter once Windows is installed. xD

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