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N64 - Goldeneye 007 with modern FPS controls


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I'm fine with using PJ64 for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.  I think both games supported 16:9 so there's no need for a bezel on these.  I could never get bezels to work with PJ64 via Rocketlauncher so I just went with Retroarch.  Anyhow, I'll try the Nrage plugin if that's what @lordmonkus was referring to. 


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I just spent ages trying to set this up. Managed to do it in the end using 1964 and a HIRES texture pack. I mapped my controls manually, then used the modifiers section to add a zoom/aim function. Only problem I had was mapping the fire button in zoom mode to the same key I use for fire when not zoomed. As a work around I mapped my Xbox One right bumper to fire while in zoom mode. Works for me, and plays awesome! :D

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