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Reference Guide: RetroArch Shader Presets (w/pictures)


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When trying to find information on the shader presets in Retroarch, I was looking for some documentation of what the shader presets are suppose to do, individually.

The naming scheme gives a hint on what they are going to do, but to the average person, the names mean next to nothing.

What we really need is some pictures of examples of what the shader preset will look like when turned on.

Looking online, I found very few examples, so I figured I'd make my own. and figured I'd share it with everybody.


I used the game Magic Knight Rayearth (a 2D sega saturn game) as my example piece, simply because it's the game I wanted to play at the start of this project.  It's a fun game, but graphically speaking it needs some love to look better, even at the time of release it was a bit too sharp/pixelated compared to what else was out there, so it's a perfect candidate to use shaders to touch it up.


I haven't finished getting a screenshot of all the shaders, but I am working on it, and almost there.  There are a few presets I can't get a screen shot of due to my computer not being able to handle them.

Files are in folders like you would find them on Retroarch, and are named after the shader preset.


You can see the examples at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6wk02ablkubq4kd/AAASzh_XB5Azcu0tnKb1shrka?dl=0

I can zip it up after I am done, however I'd just view them on dropbox because it actually takes up quiet a bit of space.


I will probably do a 3D game next, and after that I might make a little gif of a shader, due to some of them having visual effects you can't see in a picture.




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Just registered an account to thank you for this list.


What we really need is some pictures of examples of what the shader preset will look like when turned on.

I'm currenly implementing the spec for Kodi (RetroPlayer) and the plan is to use a thumbnail preview when
selecting shader presets, as well as full-screen preview when the users scrolls through the presets.

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